Sick Daze

Well, it was a pretty inert weekend.  I am ushering the last remnants of a cold or something from my person.  I slept.  I slept a lot.  I had some crazy ass dreams.  My joints all still hurt (knees, mostly), but I think I'll live.

I need to start thinking about Christmas.  Most pressing, I need a Christmas card picture.  That's the most time sensitive.  I don't even really feel like doing it, but it's kind of my thing.  I'm known for it.

I'm sure if I felt better in general, I'd be more inclined to want to get my carding on.

We went to a party last night and I ate some cake.  It was Publix, white icing, marble cake.  Ah, cake.  Sugar, sugar, sugar.  I love sugar.

Also, Robert.  I love Robert.  Happy birthday.

So, tomorrow it's back to work, and I have some writing to do.  I need to get some documents submitted for my January training, and I need to get focused.  I was so tired at the end of last week that it took everything just to get up, get dressed and stay awake.  I honestly think my lack of travel makes me a little less disease resistant.

Onward and upward.

That's it from here.  I'll talk with you once there's something to share.


Christopher said…
Did the black frosting turn anyone's teeth black? Perhaps it was ameliorated by the other colors of frosting. For my mother's 40th birthday party my father got a solid black cake. Several of us had fun pretending we were toothless. My mother was not as amused.
Then again her real issue may have been turning 40.