An open memo to the men listed below.

Hey guys!  Look, I realize there's been a lot of shit going around lately about men in the harsh spotlight of a public life being sexually predatory toward women.

I don't believe that all men do it, or that all women experience it. But I do think it's out there, and I know it's a problem.

What I'm hoping though, is that it's not *your* problem. I'm hoping I don't find your names in the newspaper or on TMZ with damning testimony pointing to your indiscretions.

I'm of the opinion that you are some of the good guys, and I would hate to think I am wrong.  If any of you can think of why I should take you off the list please contact me. No questions asked. I just don't want to be disillusioned and disappointed.


Dan Akroyd
Stephen Colbert
Steve Carrell
Paul Rudd
Peter Billingsley
Bob Odenkirk
Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon
Fred Rogers
Tim Robbins
Luke and/or Owen Wilson
Kenan Thompson
Denzel Washington
Robert Guillaume
John Ritter
Bryan Cranston
John Oliver
Tim Gunn
Neil Patrick Harris
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Reynolds
Paul Newman
Charles Durning
Karl Malden
Tony Dow
Morgan Freeman
Bill Hader
Seth Myers
John Mulaney
Joe Biden
Barack Obama
Jimmy Carter
Leslie Nielsen
James Earl Jones
John Lithgow
David Hyde Pierce

What say you?

Come on, Ralphie. Don't fail me!!

I'm sure that I missed some people on this list. I'm also fairly certain that there are people on this list who shouldn't be.

I hope I am mostly right, though.

A fan


Christopher said…
Leslie Nielsen is among those who is, sadly, no longer among us, and I like to think that anything unpleasant about him would have come out a long time ago. I'm also sorry I was never able to tell him he's in two of my favorite movies, although I still find it hard to put his role in Forbidden Planet together with his funnier films.
And there are stories that give me hope, like the late Steve McQueen, who kept his philanthropy a secret and most of it was only revealed after his death.

I'm hoping Ralphie, and others, have many more good, happy years, and that they turn out to be as good as the guys they played on screen. Or, in the case of Bryan Cranston, less Walter White and more Hal.
How come my name isn't there? And I thought I was a Certified Good Guy :(