I love it when my prophecy self-fulfills. 


Remember how I said I could dispose of my own dead animals?  Well, I put that skill to good use this morning.  Piper caught herself a squirrel.  Generally, I let her do her running around out in the back yard while I get dressed, then I bring her in and leave for work.  I went out to get her this morning, and she was running around the back yard, the furry critter clamped securely between her jaws.  I managed to get her to drop it and come inside with the lure of cheese, and while she worked on that, I worked on getting the squirrel removed from the area.  It was laid to rest in the garbage can in the back alley.  In lieu of flowers, pour out some sunflower seeds for your homie.

I am so glad we don't have the cute tufty ones here in Nashville, or I would lose my shit.


So, that totally happened.  Meanwhile, the towing company is about 30 minutes away from taking the Mazda. I named it Yvor because it’s a good Y name, and my license plate ends in YYY,  so why not?  Indeed!  Why.  Not?


That’s under control.  Not my control, but control, regardless.


Here are two other issues I’m wrangling with.


1.       My personal cellphone has shit the bed.  It won’t charge, and I don’t know why.  I’ve had the phone for at least four years, I think.  I’m pretty sure.  Look, it’s a Galaxy S5, and they’re on S8 now, so… it is reasonable that as hard as I am on the phone, it’s time to re-up.  So I bought an unlocked phone from Amazon.  It arrives tonight, and I’ll throw my sim card in there and we’ll have a grand old time.  I hope.   The thing is, I do so much through the phone that having it operational is mission critical.   And that’s why Amazon has same day delivery.  So that people like me who are lazy don’t have to work hard to get back in the saddle.  BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!  Well, dammit.  I just got the damn thing to power on and hold a little charge.  But why wouldn’t it hold a charge at home, last night? I still maintain the new phone was well worth the investment, because honestly, I need something I can count on.  What if this had happened while I was traveling?  Anyway, it buys some time.


2.       Laundry woes.  This one is totally my fault, and thankfully, only affects me.  I washed and dried a load of clothes that contained a stowaway Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – grapefruit flavored.  One shirt (work logo t shirt) one dress (cranberry knit blend), and one pair of pants (khaki, irreplaceable) were affected.  The “good” news is, there’s a method of removal that I can start working on when I get home.  I just need Dawn, WD-40, Baking Soda and a toothbrush.  And some cardboard for blotting.   And about an hour of my life that I will never get back. I’ll let you know how that plays out.




I don’t mind a little chaos, but I prefer if it was not of my own making.  The universe provides plenty on the cheap.


Work is going great, except for one small detail  - it’s Employee Appreciation Week, and that means FOOOOOOOD.  Today, queso and nachos  - but first, have some doughnuts.   I wish I were smart enough to avoid the bad stuff and eat my fruit, but I have been stress eating like a champ.


OK, well.  I’ll keep you posted on all things automotive, telelcommunicative and  fur-covered.