Chester Draws

So, it has been a nutty 24 hours. I got my phone, and it works like a charm. Really glad I did that.

Last night, Piper escaped. She's a runner. The day we got her from the Humane Association, they handed us a leash, pointed us to her kennel and invited us to take her for a walk. We opened her pen, she slipped out between us and hauled furry ass down the hall. A volunteer caught her, and brought her back. Since then, she's levanted on us a half dozen times.  She usually gets a few blocks away, and we get her cornered. Either with the kindness and assistance of strangers - excluding the one who threw rocks at her, or, with the help of a car and a box of dog treats.

Last night, in an attempt to get a bag of groceries, my work bag and two packages in the house to quickly disable the alarm, I didn't firmly shut the door. It blew open.  Piper saw this and took off. I grabbed some milk bones and some keys, then I got into our truck.

I rolled down my window and cruised a three block radius. I finally found her with the help of two neighborhood hipsters one street north. She was playing keep away with them. I pulled up,  opened the truck door and hopped in. I then thanked them profusely and we headed home.

This has happened enough for there to be a pattern.  I'm still convinced each time that we will never see her again.

Tonight, I loaded her in the truck intentionally and went on a gas run. She barked at a guy who looked like Colonel Sanders, and had a Trump sticker on his car. Good girl!

The Nyquil is kicking in. Time to shut it down. Love ya...