Not for Lack of Bread

I did not wash my hair this morning.  That, in and of itself is nothing spectacular.  Truth be told, though, I don’t wash my hair daily.  In the summer, it’s roughly every other day, and in winter, every three days. 

What is spectacular, though, is that my hair loss has abated significantly.

There are any number of reasons, but since I’m not a doctor, I can only speculate.  Which I am more than happy to do.

Changes in haircare regimen:  Well, for starters, my stylist got me to start using this Aveda product called Invati that stimulates the scalp.  It may be figurative snake oil, but it smells nice, and encourages me to massage my scalp, which is never a bad thing.  And then, I would argue that cutting my mop way, way shorter than I had it was probably doesn’t hurt.  I currently look like this.  

Daaaamn, girl!  Damn!

Six months ago, it was this:
This is my badge picture.  This was a day I spent a lot of time on my hair.  Seriously.
And because it was so long, I was pulling it back into sloppy ponytails, and pigtails (which were super cute, tbh) and thereby pulling a lot out of hair out every time I removed the bands.  I currently have what feels like the perfect haircut for me.

I also got some new specs for reading and I love them!


Changes in health and pharma:   This one is a no brainer.  I took a hiatus from sugar,  I ate a ton of fruits and vegetables, some dairy, and tons of protein which resulted in weight loss. I had a sleep study and got a CPAP machine.  I also got my D on track.  In January, my Vitamin D level was 7.   A normal level is anything above 30.  So, I needed some intervention.    I took a massively high dose of it for 12 weeks, then started on a daily supplement.  In June, I got retested – my level was 37.  BOOM!  That made a huge difference to my mood, energy level, etc.  What’s to say my hair didn’t jump on the love train?  I got on some new chemical intervention – layering a my NSRI with an Aminoketone.  So, it boosted my ability to handle my feelings.  All the feelings!  Pharmaceutical assistance aside, I would say that eating better foods and getting more sleep made my follicles happy.



And speaking of happy:   I think it goes without saying that my mood has improved exponentially in the past six months (give or take a few weeks).  I am out of a really frustrating situation that had me feeling powerless.  Let’s not dance around it.  I was feeling really frustrated with my last job.  All the time on the road, all the angst from having to work with unhappy customers.  It took a toll.  The grief I went through over Dad.  Although – tangent here – I actually realize now that my grief was probably misplaced anger with my work situation.  Here’s the thing – I knew it was toxic.  I didn’t realize until I left just exactly how toxic.  As it turns out, bad enough to make my hair fall out.  And it wasn’t just work.  Because what I was dealing with spilled out into other areas of my life.  When you are traveling all the time, your home shows it.  Your relationships show it. Your body completely shows it.  I’m still traveling, it’s just way more manageable now, and I feel  a lot more balanced.  Most nights, I fall asleep with my dog wedged against my leg, Matt reading on his phone next to me.  It’s a good way to live.  Also, it turns out I’m more creative when I’m less stressed.  And when I’m creative I’m happier, and when I’m happier, I’m more creative.  See how that all plays out?


Anyway – for the first time in a while, I’m not fretting over my hair falling out.  Which is probably keeping me sane, and preventing my hair from falling out.


So, that’s me for the moment. 

To recap.  Me in January: 
No idea what I had been crying about, but this is how I had been feeling for awhile.
Me today:

Why yes, I do take a lot of desk selfies.  Also this shirt is way cuter than it photographs.
I'll take October for the win.



This post makes me very happy. You look amazing. The short hair works. And the shirt is very cute, even if you think it photographs badly. <3