Crank you very much!

Sometimes, I get angry.

Over stupid shit.  And over not stupid shit.

It's important to own your feelings, and you know what - it's OK to be angry.

But figure out why.  Don't just be angry for no reason.  Have a reason.  And address it.

Or, not.

Whatever.  Just, be OK with who you are, and know that it's OK, even if you're not fun all the time.

Because sometimes, you're going to feel like your skin is too tight, and every bone in your body hurts, and you're to the point where even your brain itches, and you can't see straight, think straight, and you're hot, and hungry, and irritable.

And sometimes, those days will stretch into a weekend.  And it's totally fine.

Just drink some water, get a little protein in your system, take a deep breath.

It's going to be fine.