Aw, snap!

Sometimes, little snippets surface back into my memory after being shaken loose from the depths of my brain.

The one that I thought of the other day was something my father said a time or two:  "A clerk is a jerk".  I think the context was talking about people in menial positions take their frustration out on the customer.  Honestly, that may just be my interpretation. I wish I could remember the full story.  What made me think of it was a meeting in which I learned we would be hiring clerks rather than associates for a specific project -  the difference is money and probably experience.  But when it came up for the first time in our meeting, I just thought, "A clerk is a jerk".  Out of nowhere.

The other one that I think of all the time is whenever I see a family with tons of kids is, "Catholic or careless?"  Which is horrible.  I know.  Believe me.  I'm aware that it's an asshole thing to say/think. It's one that Dad would say.

My parents also used to the phrase "rat abortion" to describe things that were kind of a hot mess. Like, if there wasn't a clear path in my bedroom from door to bed - that was a rat abortion.  I would use the phrase before I even understood what I was saying - I thought it was a single word - ratabortion. I finally realized what I was saying.  I'm sure I horrified a few people before I did.

Sussy.  That's one that is variation of the word surcee (or surcie) which just means "a surprise or present for no special reason",  I believe in the power of the sussy.  I bring them to Matt and Piper.  I give them to my family.  I sent my nephew a sussy last week - cinnamon rolls from Zingermann's.  And some cocoa mix.  No reason, except that I enjoy the challenge of helping him "get swole".  Who wouldn't want to be swole?  Dad was generous with sussy distribution.  I try to be.  It's a nice thing to do.

Those are the ones I can think of.

But back to clerks for a moment.  The UK pronunciation for that word is "clark".   Why?  No clue.  What I can say is, I desperately need new shoes, black - something in a loafer or mary jane.  And the brand I keep eyeing is Clarks. Room for toes, good for my wide, janky feet.  Well constructed, clean lines, fashionable but conservative.  And most of all - comfortable.  All good things.

So, I'm looking.   I'll pull the trigger soon.

And when I do... photos!