At the light.

So, we've discussed ad nauseum my love of musicals.  I'm lucky to have a pal who is willing to go see shows with me.  And thankfully, we have similar tastes in what we want to see. 

I told Jim (the aforementioned pal) that when Fun Home made it to Nashville, we were going to get tickets.  End of story.  And that's what happened.  I got tickets the day they came out.  And that was in July.  Last night, we went to the show.

First, though - dinner.  We had dinner at Puckett's downtown.  Great food.  Jim had Piggy Mac - a melange of mac and cheese with pulled pork.  I had a grilled pimiento cheese and fried green tomato sandwich.  Fab.

Sadly, Fun Home didn't have the same attendance as a Wicked or Book of Mormon.  Apparently lesbian cartoonists and their suicidal gay fathers aren't exactly in Nashville's wheelhouse.

Here's the thing though.  It was just fucking brilliant.  I had heard a few of the songs before going to the show, but there wasn't clunker in the bunch.  Great cast, music and staging.  A great night.

Now, we're considering buying a package deal for the next season.

We'll see.

I took a Benadryl at bedtime last night, and that was a mistake in the grandest order.  I felt like a zombie all day today.  I finally got the hell out of bed around 11AM, and we got brunch at Cracker Barrel.  Here's the thing.  I didn't want Cracker Barrel.  I wanted to go to Martin's, or barring that, Peg Leg Porker.  I wanted Q, people.  Barbecue.  Barbeque.  BBQ. Barbacoa.  But the lot near Peg Leg was $17.  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS to park and buy a meal that would cost a fraction of that.  Fuck it, we went to Crackwhore Barrel and paid nothing to park.  I made the tactical error of ordering breakfast, though.  Which means at 1PM, I was eating blueberry pancakes covered in maple syrup.  Bacon for that extra jolt of fat and sodium.  I need to get my shit together.  In a big way.

I don't know why I'm self-sabotaging my diet, but I'm doing it like it's an avocation. 

Which sucks.  And the thing is, I still want BBQ, and I want, I want, and I want some more. 

Like, I'd like an entire cake, and some coffee ice cream.  And garlic mashed potatoes, and some gorgonzola pasta, and a bag of chips with french onion dip.  And a loaf of baguette with butter, and... you get the idea.  I'm carb-seeking.

What the hell is wrong with me?  Who knows.  I'll figure it out.  I basically have to, because I gave away all my fattest fat girl clothes.  And I'm sure as hell not going to buy more yardage from the tent and awning store.


We hit up the art supply store for Matt, I tried on a pair of boots at the Boot Barn, and I took the dog for a bath this afternoon.  I have basically done nothing much all damn day.

I have been invited to go to an initiation ceremony for the newest Sigma Kappa chapter - Austin Peay State University in Clarkesville.  I have decided to attend.  I haven't been to an initiation in two decades, but why not?  I bet I remember more than I think I do.   And even if I don't, it's mostly showing up in a white dress at the right time.  The snakes and goat blood will be provided for us, so it's a no brainer.  Of course, try being a woman of size trying to find a white dress that covers the essential body parts in October.  To be fair, there are some really nice ones out there, but I would never wear all white except for this type of thing.  I tend to be kind of a hot mess, and spill things.  So I found a cheap stretchy shmatte online, and with any luck, it'll work.  Barring that, I can use it for Halloween, be the bride of Frankenstein with it.  Oooper Doooper!

Taffeta, darling!

Tomorrow is another day.  I'll clean out the fridge, I'll do some laundry, get groceries and get my shit together.  I have the skills, I have the smarts.  I will dig myself out and get some motivation and I will give that chicken fat back to the chicken.  If you will, and I think you will.

Of course, it's easy to make those promises on a full stomach.

Hang in, hang out, and hang on.



Christopher said…
I would love to see Fun Home. We used to have season tickets to the Tennessee Rep years ago. And it occurs to me only now that the last musical I saw there was Evil Dead: The Musical.
I kid you not. The nicest thing I can say about it is it wasn't terrible.
Good luck with the dress and the initiation and be sure to walk this way and stay away from anyone named Abby Normal.