Up and coming... coming up!

So, there's a bunch of interesting, challenging, fun things on my horizon...

1. Haircut

2. Shopping in Atlanta, where the good malls are.

3. The dean of the UGA J-School is coming to town to meet with our Alumni Group, and I'm on the hosting committee.  I also have a cute dress to wear to that event. And to work, and on the road.  It's a cute dress, period.

4. Back in therapy after a brief sabbatical.

5. OKTOBERFEST!!! My friend Jim's friend Gary is coming down for it.  I adore Gary.  I guess he's technically my friend too.  He's awesome.

6. Fun Home.  I have been dying to see this show, and it's at TPAC, and I got tickets for me and Jim to go.  It's supposed to be phenomenal.

7. Goat Yoga.  It's Yoga.  With goats.  GOATS!!!  Little ones that will leap over you while you're in corpse pose and shit.  BOOM!

8. Cooler weather?  A girl can dream.  I heard...somewhere - though I don't remember where, that this winter is going to be quite cold.  And to that, I say, hell yeah!

9. My birthday.  An excuse to eat German Chocolate Cake.  Because, pecans, coconut.  CHOCOLATE.

Put your hands together for Sexual Chocolate!

10. Halloween.  And likely, one costume for work, one for play.  And candy, of course.

11. Playgrounds!!! I get to build one with some other folks from BCBST, and we're going to do it for some school kids in conjunction with The Predators Foundation.  I am stoked!!!

12. Thanksgiving.  Last count, I think we were looking at about a dozen of us, and the numbers are still climbing.

13. PTO.  I have been asked to take some time off to prepare for a busy December and January.  I will with pleasure.

That's enough to be excited for right now, I think.

And with that, I need sleep.