Oh, people now, people now.

It's been a long few days waiting to see if Irma was going to eff up our lives, and by extension, our basement. 

The good news is, Irma could have been way worse.  Now, the bad news is that she did plenty of damage anyway.  But not here.  Here, we got rain, and the parking lot at work was full of gasping earthworms.

So, the thing is, from this has emerged a photo that I want to share. 

Obviously, it's a photoshop job.

But what I've been dying to say is the one thing I can't put on Facebook.

President Trump is a Pussy Grabber.

Happy Tuesday!

Love you, mean it!



No self-respecting cat would let Trump pick it up. Shout-out to the real man who actually carried those kitties to safety!