Moral Fiber

Well, today was pretty good.   Yesterday, I was in a little bit of a snit about a minor mistake at work, and I was feeling sorry for myself.

Today, I made a ton of forward progress, and discovered late in the day that I'm not the first person to make a careless mistake, and that I offered the person way more grace than I gave myself.  There has to be a lesson in that.

I have managed to avoid candy for two days.  I have eaten a few very weird Oreo cookies.  Apple Pie Flavored.  Weird.  Just... weird.  The good news is I'm not entirely keen on eating any more of them.  I have been eating a ton of fruit.  A lot of vegetables too.  The result is that familiar feeling of having a gut filled with Lego blocks.  This, too, shall pass.  Literally, we would hope.

The best thing about today is something that started a few days ago.  Well, before that, really.

Mid-summer, there was a new tenant living next door, and the tenant had a friend whose dog came over fairly often.  Or, that was my assumption.  Piper and this dog, whose name is Brody, would check each other out through the fence, and I even posted about it on Facebook. Well, two nights ago, there was a knock at the door.  It was Brody and his owner, Mindy.  She was offering to take Piper on a walk with her and Brody.   I was super delighted, but told her honestly, Piper is the worst on a leash.  We agreed that the dogs like each other though, and I told her to bring Brody over to play in the back yard any time.  Tonight, they came!  And the dogs ran each other ragged for an hour while we chatted with Mindy, who was just lovely.  She's a Belmont grad working in risk analysis, and seems really down to earth.  She and I talked about going to the dog park with our pups, and I think that both humans and canines are going to be friends.  It's a good thing.

Here they are tonight - an action shot.

Life is good, y'all.  Life. Is. Good.

Also, it was Taco Tuesday, and I do like a good taco.  Chicken this week.  Beans.  This may also be part of the Lego Guy syndrome.  Oh well.  Musical fruit and all...

Keep on keeping on, people.



Christopher said…
I want to focus on the puppies because they make me happier than anything, but have to ask, what's up with Oreos? They seem to be coming up with increasingly strange flavors, although the strangest might be the red Swedish fish. I was tempted to call Nabisco and tell them salmon is not a good cookie flavor.