Y'all, it was a long weekend.  Not in the sense that we got an extra day, like last weekend.  Just in that it was action packed.

My drive to Atlanta Friday night was uneventful.  I stopped at the Wal-Mart in South Pittsburg to get some stuff for the party, and I finally got to my Mom's house around 11:30. 

Saturday morning, we picked up some pastries at the French bakery, came home, got dressed and drove down to Newnan for my cousin's baby shower.

Showers are kind of a strange thing.  I had a total panic attack the morning of my Bridal Shower.  There were a few reasons, and they were all kind of strange.

For one, that morning, I'd had a consultation with a stylist about my wedding hair.  She had done a half up-do, and it looked terrible.  I don't have any photos of it.  I had gone by myself, and I just didn't know what to say, or what to suggest that could make it work.  So, I went to my parents' house, and Mom wasn't into it either.  I had hoped it would be a good enough hairdo that I could wear my hair like that to the shower.  But, it looked rough, and I ended up taking it down and attempting to make it look normal for the shower.

The second panic sunk in because I felt extremely awkward about being the guest of honor at a shower.  I felt bad that people were buying me presents that I had picked out for myself, and I had to basically open them, but compliment the giver for their excellent taste in picking something off my registry.  Registries are fun, but so greedy.  And it was an era where online registries had just started.  I made the mistake of checking them, and I'd know that X had been bought, but I didn't know by whom.  Mom told me to relax and that I was overthinking it.  So, I tried to chill.

I loved what I wore to my shower, though.  It was a pair of blue and white seersucker ankle length pants, a white blouse and red sandals.  Adorbs! 

Weird hair, but happy.

I remember pulling my friend Connie aside at the shower and telling her I felt panicky.  She talked me down.

The shower ended up being really nice.  I got lots of nice gifts, many of which I still have today.  My favorite, even though I hate to play favorites, was the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer from Matt's Aunt.  I love it because it makes life easier, and also because Matt told me nobody would get it for us, and it was way too expensive.  I said, "Stand back and watch."   I love that it was his Aunt that made it happen.  The better thing she gave me that day was a huge compliment to all of the women in my Mom's neighborhood.  She told them how well she had liked me when she first met me, and how brave I had been showing up to their party without Matt and not knowing anyone.

Long story short, I ended up going back to hair/makeup lady to revisit hair.  She agreed that I am not an up-do girl, and I ended up wearing my hair down, big and curly.  Like I always do.  And it was perfect.

Anyway - all of this to say, showers stress my shit out.  But this one was really nice.  I saw tons of people that I know and like and have met over the course of a lifetime.  Got to see tons of cousins, eat lots of sweets and almost got to take home a chihuahua.

We drove back, and Mom set it up for us to meet Jorg, Eric and Fenly at Moxie Burger for dinner.  We stayed and talked for a long time, then Mom and I went home and talked with my sister for a while, and then crashed.

Mom went to work this morning, and I drove home.  Matt and I took a load of brush to the dump, washed the truck and had lunch.

I went to get grocieries, then home.

It has been a very full weekend.  I enjoyed it, but I could go to sleep for another few days.

And we start again tomorrow.

I like it, I love it.