Does dinner count?

I gave blood today, for the first time in...awhile.   It was good to get back into the habit.  And as I told the intake worker, "Fifty-six day reprieve from the phone calls!"  I'm not kidding - they're brutal as soon as you hit day 57. 

After bloodletting, we had lunch at Bobbie's Dairy Dip.  It's one of the few places in West Nashville, or at least, that section of West Nashville, that hasn't gotten trendier than thou.  I saw a bunch of cute places, but Matt decreed no hipster places for lunch.  Occasionally, I like to stretch a little, but we hadn't been to Bobbie's in awhile, so it was time to get our burger on.  The ice cream looked stellar, by the way.

The third stop in our trifecta was McKays.  It's a giant used bookstore.  They have locations in Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.  Matt took me to the Chattanooga location when we were dating.  In fact, the Nashville location didn't open til two years after I moved here.  How do I know this?  Well, we just happened to stumble in on the day they were celebrating their 10th Anniversary in Nashville.  I sold some books to them ($21 in store credit), and looked around.  There was something I should have bought - the thing about McKays is that you have to get it when you see it - there are no guarantees it'll be there when you go back. The book in question was a guide to cockney rhyming slang.  My favorite of these is bristols, which is slang for breasts - or, more specificially - Bristol Cities = Titties.  It's funny, clever and subversive.  So no wonder I love it.

After that, I dropped Matt off and did a quick Kroger run.  Actually, I stopped first at Sonic to take advantage of their half-price drinks between 2-4PM.  I got a diet cherry limeade, and wondered why I don't get them more often.  Well, I know - it's because they don't contain caffeine.  But they are zesty and fun.  I should get them more often.

I love lime.  It is what happiness smells like. And tastes like.

Anyway, I bought a few things that we needed for dinner and basic survival.  Came home and chilled on the couch.

Tomorrow is the major shopping day - I need to get food in the house.  I also need clean sheets on our bed, and with any luck, I can get together a huge bag of stuff to send off to Goodwill. A girl can dream, you know.

I need to stock up on vegetables.  This time of year, we get out of the season of great tomatoes, watermelon and berries.  Now, we start to get apples, sweet potatoes, greens, and so on.  I am always happy to get the first good produce of whatever season it is.  I will still outsource to Guatemala, or Chile or Portugal in a pinch, because sometimes, you just need watermelon in February.

But, the thing is, I love pears and apples, and then we'll get into citrus, and I love that, too... it's alllllllllllllll good.

And that, people, is all I have.  I need to get some sleep.  I have been whipped for about three weeks.  Gotta pull it together, y'all.

Peace Out!



Christopher said…
Darn it, now I want to go to Bobbie's and McKay's. It's been too long since I've been to either one. I miss when McKay's was on Charlotte. It was smaller but much more convenient to get to--right down the street from Bobbie's, in fact.
I guess it's a good thing that they moved farther away from The Great Escape, though.
Also if you haven't tried it yet Green Door Gourmet is a good place to stock up. Often their weekly box of fresh veggies determines our menu for the coming week.