Ah, we meat again!

I had a long, mostly good week.  A little discombobulation, and some really trying, tedious tasks at work, but I still freaking love my job, and I cannot tell you how pleasant it is to have the days fly by like they do.  I get to work, settle in, and when I look up, it's lunch time.  I go back to work after lunch, and all of a sudden it's 3:30.  Then I blink, and it's 5PM.

Anyway, this afternoon, I was leaving the office and called my mother to catch up.  We talked about bathroom mold because we're super interesting like that.  She has a big weekend planned.  I have almost nothing.  I would say I win.

After we hung up, it was the right time to call Matt.  I work til 5, he's 5:30, so... I called to let him know my plans for dinner - spaghetti - and to see if he was working late.  Turned out, he took the afternoon off and was already home.  So I suggested we go out for dinner - it's Friday, we don't need a sitter.  He explained that he came home early because he thought he was coming down with a cold.

Bummer, dude.  I know that when Matt is sick, there are two foods he really likes eating - pizza with a lot of Tabasco to burn the cold out, and hamburgers because they're protein and delicious.  So, because I am both kind and resourceful, I offered to go to Gabby's.  On Fridays only, they close at 7PM.  Otherwise, they shut down at 2.  I had plenty of time, and Gabby's has the burgers.

So I went.  Ordered, hung out at the counter and sang with their music.  Lots of 70s soul and disco.  Good stuff, you know.  Car Wash, Rock the Boat, I'm Coming Out... good stuff.  I got my food, and as I was walking to the car, I felt this complete sense of comfort.  That I like who I am.  I feel complete, and happy and it's great. I also felt like a grown-up.  Which, to be honest, isn't always the case.  Sometimes I feel like a complete childish doofus.  It happens. 

Anyway, I had a Seamus - their smaller burger and a few fries, and it was awesome.  I have selective amnesia with their food.  I know it's going to be good, but everytime I eat there, I think, "I totally forgot HOW good this is..."

It's the grass-fed beef, you know.

Matt seems to be feeling better post-burger, and I feel pretty great, too.  Except that today is the first day of Fall.  I'm sitting outside, in basically the dark, marveling at how good my touch typing is.  And it's hot.  Like, sweating kneecaps hot.  Like, could my hair get any bigger level of humidity. 

Here's something kind of funny/sick.  I went to CVS at lunch, basically to kill time, but also to see if the one near the office carries the 100 Calorie versions of Snickers, Twix and Dove.  They do not.  The one near my house does.  I would be better for not knowing.   I was just killing time, crusing the aisles, and I get to the "family planning" section.  They have Plan B on the shelves in these huge plastic theft deterrent boxes.  There's the actual Plan B brand, and next to it, a knock off brand called "Aftera".  I could write that ad in a second, "Aftera; For when you're afterrifed."

I didn't take a photo because obviously that is poor form.  And I feel like karma would be a bitch on that front.

I did, however, take a photo of my dinner.

No filter, just a dirty cell phone.  Note - I did not eat all those fries.  Some, yes.  Not all.

No regrets.

So, you know... same as it ever was. 

Peace and grease,


This post made me very happy. I've been craving a burger all day. I hope Matt is feeling better. And I'm envious of your job. <3