Red and Black

I got home Friday night, and I was pretty stoked to get here.  I slept well in my own bed, and Saturday morning, I hit the ground running.  I started laundry, took Piper out, got showered and washed my hair.  Then I loaded up my car to run errands.  I started by taking two big bags of clothes to Goodwill, then over to Green Hills.  I did a quick Trader Joe's run, then over to Whole Foods.  I needed olive oil, and we're partial to theirs.  I don't know.  I just run the errands.

Anyway, I got back into my car and it would not start.  I got one of the kids who works at the store to jump me (by which, I mean the car battery with his car battery), but that didn't do anything. Matt was down in Franklin at work, and I didn't want to pull him away.  So, resourceful old broad that I am, I called an Uber and took my perishables home.   I called Matt and we made plans.

We went and bought a new battery.  We decided that was worth trying first.  The good news is, a new battery fixed it.  And that's good, because I didn't want to leave my car in such a sketchy 'hood.  I kid, I kid.  If anything, my dirty whip was bringing them down.

Also, if it had been a solenoid or an alternator, it wouldn't have been quick or easy.  Or cheap.

I love a good opportunity to show my resourcefulness.

Today, more groceries, gave the dog a bath, did some laundry and cleaning and even better - an eye exam.  My eyes have been a little off recently.  Like, if you were in a conference room and the projector was just a hair off, and if you could adjust the focus just like a quarter inch, it would be perfect.  Like that.  Turns out, I do in fact need a little boost.  So I ordered some glasses and they'll be in next week.  They're super cute, and I'm pretty excited.  On top of that, because I have really good insurance, the whole experience was cheaper than I would have thought.

For dinner, I grilled some really pretty steaks from Trader Joe's.  Here's what I do.  Get two pretty filets, get some fresh rosemary and chop it fine.  Mix with salt, pepper.  Coat every surface of the filets, then throw them on the grill.  Cook til your preferred doneness.  Serve with some salad.

Still, four grocery stores, a new battery, specs, I need to not spend money til payday.

But here we are. Tomorrow, I'm back at the office for the first time in three weeks.  Wonder if they missed me?

I missed them.