Hey everybody!!!

So, I am killing and crushing my weekend in Richmond.    Last night, I got home from work and laid down for a few minutes.   I fell asleep and didn't wake up for another three hours.  And so there I was, awake but disoriented.

I ended up staying up late reading, then slept in til about 9AM.

I got up, got dressed and got my breakfast at the deli across the parking lot.  It was OK.  No rye bagels.  I may try again at a different place tomorrow.  I ended up with a greek yogurt, granola, fruit and honey parfait.  It was great.

From there, I went to Midlothian, about 20 miles from here.  There were some stores there that aren't in this part of town.  I ended up with 2 pairs of sandals - buy one, get one half off.  Dirt cheap.  And necessary, as my silver sandals are looking beat up.  Thanks, Target!!!

I bought a blouse at Macy's, and wandered around a few other places. I ended up going to Lidl, which is this new store that hopped the pond from Germany.  It's similar to Aldi.  On STEROIDS.  I bought groceries there on Monday and I needed to restock fruit, and a few other staples.  I also bought a duffel bag for $10, which I need to get my cat head home.  I will probably do shoes and dirty clothes in the duffel, everything else in the rolling bag.  I'm checking both.

I grabbed Chick-Fil-A for lunch - just a sandwich and some diet lemonade, then I came back to the hotel.

Did some more reading, took a quick nap, and then... it was massage time.

I went to a place called Hand and Stone, where I got a one hour trigger point massage.  She did a nice job of attacking my shoulders, she put some peppermint oil on my scalp, and I feel loose as a goose.

After the massage, it was time for dinner.  I went to a place recommended to me by the other trainer - it's a gelato place near the office.  I ended up with a nice mix of beige.  Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coffee. 

And then, I came home.  Well I came hotel.

Now I'm in chill mode.  I'm going to read, watch HGTV and kick back.  Tomorrow, laundry, expense reports, and preparing for the last week.  Cue "The Final Countdown"...

It has been a quiet weekend, and apparently, just what I needed.  I think.

I do know I'll be getting gelato again before I leave.  Because I need to try strawberry, peach and honey almond.  It's science.

Keep on keeping on.