Little Old Lady, Who?

Howdy, everybody.

So, here's something kind of interesting.  My sister asked me the other day why I blog.  She is doing some freelance marketing work, and wanted to know why individuals and corporations blog.  What is the value, etc.

Here is what I told her:

"I blog to record my thoughts and share them with anyone who might be interested in hearing them.
I treat it like a public diary.
I also use it to help me go back to remember dates and sequences of events."

And that's true.  I also do it so I can talk about myself without interruption.  I'm a narcissist.

And because I don't have much creative outlet in my work, I need to get my thoughts out there.  I'll be honest, I think the format of Facebook does me more justice than a blog - I'm best in short form - well, longer than Twitter, shorter than a blog.

Anyway, I'd be curious to hear why other bloggers do it.  I'm guessing similar reasons.

As to companies that blog...who knows?  I'm hard pressed to think of a company whose blog I follow regularly.  Archie McPhee, sometimes, but that's not really a serious company or a serious blog.


I had two back-to-back kick in the teeth days at work.  One of my own making, one due to circumstances beyond my control.  I handled both of them head on, and I crushed it.  Note to self, though - if I don't know an answer, it's better to research it than guess.  Always.  ALWAYS.

Ok, though - enough of that.

I am getting a haircut this weekend, and I am beyond excited. Way, way beyond.  I've Pinterested the heck out of stuff to show my stylist.  We'll see.

It's hotter than hell here in Nashville, TN.  Typical July.  Mosquitoes, humidity, heat rash.  BUT!  But, also watermelon, and okra, and lightning bugs, and lots of daylight.  How lucky we are to be alive right now!

Tomorrow is an all-day conference call.  I'm attempting to not eat my feelings while I sit on the call.  To that end, my company selected my application for a test program they're running to help people eat mindfully.  It's interesting - it's called "Am I Hungry?" and it comes with, among other things, an app that talks you down from the ledge (or tries), when you're about to eat your feelings, or just because "it's time".  It's smart.  I have some work to do, but I think it will be worth the effort.

And I've had a rough few weeks where I haven't tracked, or stayed within my calories, or any of the things I should have been doing.  The scale has been kind, but I have to pull it together. 

As I said recently, it's a marathon, not a sprint.  And it's not really even a sprint, so much as it is an Elementary School Field Day - lots of weird, random little events.

That's pretty true, isn't it.  And kind of funny.



Christopher said…
For what it's worth (or FWIW as the kids say, or rather type since that would be hard to pronounce) I don't think you're a narcissist. You blog for the same reasons many others do.
Of course now I think you were just kidding and I worry I'm "concern trolling", or engaging in unnecessary pedantry, or something the kids have a creative acronym for.
Anyway another subset of bloggers would be those of us who've been thwarted in our literary ambitions and have decided to go the self-publishing route. Hey, it worked for Whitman and Thoreau and I'm gonna stop there before I get my hopes up.