So, this is my first of two weekends in Virginia.  I spent the morning with my boss, her boss.  We had breakfast at a place called Sandfiddler Cafe.  It was delicious.  After that, we went into downtown Norfolk for Harbor Fest.  As we walked into the park, I tripped and fell.  Hard. I ended up landed on left knee and elbow, and to a lesser extent, right wrist.

I got up and assured everyone I was fine.  Fine, fine, fine.

Truth be told, now I'm ready to admit, it hurts. 


So, that's what were up against.

Tonight, I'm taking an Uber to get Chick-Fil-A and have a long, meaningless meander around Target.

I feel pretty stoked about that.  All of it.

I'll be honest - I'm a little homesick.  Bummer...

So, now...I am taking a nap.




I hope your boo-boos heal quickly. I myself am dealing with a cluster of strange red bumps that probably are the result of a spider being trapped in my bed and chomping the shit out of me, but also have me terrified of a new bout of shingles. I also went to Target today, and I'm not happy that its recent remodel has resulted in a drastically reduced shoe section and new piped-in music that is actually pretty annoying.
Christopher said…
At first I was concerned you had some sort of skin rash, so it's a weird relief that it's just a few scrapes. And at least you know what causes the scrapes, unlike some rashes that could be caused by who knows what.
There's a cheerful thought for you.
Have fun meandering around Target and pick up some Archer Farms chocolate.