Raspberry Sherpa

So, it's Tuesday.  And I spent so much of today thinking it was Monday.  So did the boss' boss. She thought I had left my massive water mug at home today, but no, that was yesterday.  She and I both marveled at that.

But now, Tuesday is almost over.  And we're so close to being done.  So close.  It's pretty exciting to think how quickly the time has passed.  And that's good, because it seems like I'll be doing something similar in the near future in Alabama.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the 4th of July, and let's be honest, it'll be August before we know it.

In fact - this is worth noting - shortly after midnight tonight is the Summer Solstice - that means that tomorrow is the longest day of the year.  And yes, I know - all days have 24 hours, but tomorrow there's more daylight that any other day.  

I haven't slept well for about a week.  Last night, I got too hot, and I had some really terrible dreams, and possibly one great one.  Yeah, know I was going to put a moratorium on my dreams in this blog.  Suffice it to say I woke myself up twice last night.  Once laughing, once throwing punches.  That's all that needs to be said.  Finis.

But I need to get caught up.  Because I feel like I hit a big, fat wall. 

My shoulder still has some knotting issues.  Which happens, it does.  My elbow is still totally jacked up from the fall. And that may, actually, be part of the shoulder issue as well.  I'm having to favor the arm to keep the elbow protected, which messes with the shoulder, and so on, ad infinitum.

It feels like this, only about twice the size and made of fire and gravel.
I need my lacrosse ball.  And two hours on a table at the Relache Day Spa at the Opryland Hotel.  And some dark chocolate.

I told a friend today, my new job title should be Pack Mule, Scribe and Erstwhile Trainer.  So, I have a little work to do to get ready and keep improving.  But I'm making myself useful...  I am making calls, doing tech support, writing, reading, talking and listening...  I also schlep bags, boxes, lunch...

And apparently, there's karaoke in my future.  Which is never a bad thing.

And after that... my own bed.  And that.  That is a great thing.

Although, I will miss the warm cookies from the Doubletree.  Oh well.


Pack mule, scribe, and erstwhile trainer also describes me pretty well. Also, viewer of other people's baby photos. Which isn't a bad thing, I just keep remembering when I was the one showing off her baby. When I was young. And then I cry and cry. Good times.