Here's the latest on the new job. So, I've been thrown (gently) into the deep end to see what I can do.  Am I the most adept swimmer?  No.  Did I execute flawless, Greg Louganis-grade moves?  Also no.

But did I keep my head above water, and keep my lungs free and clear?  Did I keep treading?  Yes, I did. 

Basically, we had to cover some material that wasn't ours - we didn't write it, it's basic onboarding stuff, so they asked me to take it and cover it, and I did.  The powers that be are definitely happy.  I feel like with time and work, I can kill this stuff with fire.  It's been a very positive week.

The best part, no surprise to anyone who knows me, is the people.  My students are nurses, case managers, social services workers, and therapists.  The empathy, care and compassion radiates from them.  They're here, not because someone made them, but because they chose this and applied to do it.

There's a saying that "Hurt people, hurt people".  And I think that's true.  But I also think that hurt people also help people.  This seems to be the case.  There's a thread that runs through their stories.  They (and/or their families) suffered or were marginalized.  And now they want to work with others who suffered and were marginalized.   These are some genuine, sincere folks.  And lest you think it's all maudlin and sad and dark... it's not.  These folks love to laugh, they love to smile and bring joy to others.  They are mothers and wives and children and sisters - they bowl, and garden, and collect old bottles, and love their pets.  They are from the country and the city.  They have lived their whole lives in one place, they have lived all over the world.  They are all well-educated, but not book-smart to the exclusion of street-smart.  They range in age from 20s-60s.  Some of them get my references. Some pretend to get my references.  When I asked anyone who wanted to send me a photo of their kids, or grandkids or pets for "show and tell" between training sessions, I got a dozen e mails of gorgeous babies, teens in prom dresses, puppies, cats, a miniature pig, and on and on.

I just met these people, and honestly... I already love them.  I am just in awe of their compassion, humor, intelligence and fearlessness.  

As for my boss and her boss.  Well, I think they're great.  There's a ton of honest conversation.  Lots of transparency and disclosure - personal and professional.  We have to work together, so we'd better be able to be real with each other.  And we are.  We've shared stories, made lots of jokes, eaten tons of Mexican.  I've had many permutations of grilled protein salads.  And turkey burgers, and bean burgers, and so on.  I'm trying.  I am trying to stay on the right side of the scale.

One small hitch in that plan...

I'm staying at the Doubletree.  It's a Hilton property, and one I really, really like.  They have a really good breakfast, in that I can get an egg white omelet made to order,  and that's a great breakfast option.  Assuming I can walk past the muffins, croissants, bacon, juice and so on.  The problem with Doubletree is this:

There are warm cookies at the front desk.  Pretty well upon request.  I've had one a day since I arrived.  Now, to be fair, I tracked it and had the calories for them, but that's 310 calories a day with no actual nutritional value.  I'd be better served to eat that in protein or vegetables or whole grains.  Hell, even fruit or milk.  But, yeah - anyway.  I need to walk away from the cookies.  The problem is, they're not just crappy Otis Spunkmeyer take and bake (as an aside, any product containing the word "spunk" is inherently problematic).  These cookies have a Nashville connection.  They originate from good old Nashville, TN.  These are Christie Cookies.  And they are fucking delicious.  And WARM.  Did I mention they're warm?  It's not a problem, it's a challenge. It's a challenge to resist temptation...

Those last two sentences are lyrics to a song from the musical "The Last Five Years".  It's relevant.

So, I think effective now, my cookie bender is over.  I need to get some fruit and snacks... I also need to do laundry, and I'd love to sleep for a good while. 

Tonight, the Preds are playing game 5 in Pittsburgh, and it is NOT going well.  OK, to be fair, it's only one period in, but the Penguins lead by three.  Poor Pekka.  Poor fans.

I'm tired enough that I'd consider a decent bedtime in lieu of disappointment on ice.

And now they lead by four.  Yeah. I think it's bedtime.

More soonish kids.



Christopher said…
Those cookies contain walnuts and nuts are good for you--high in protein and various trace elements. At least that's what I tell myself when I can't pull myself away from the can of mixed nuts.
Or the big warm cookie with nuts in it.
Anyway it's cool that you're treading water and going to kill it with fire. Fire and water: the two great tastes that taste great together.