June bugs

I managed to hurt my back, and I don't know how.  What I can tell you is that I am miserable.  I have been dosing with ibuprofen today, I've icy-hotted, I've attempted to use my lacrosse ball, I've tried stretching. 

I need a muscle relaxer, or something to loosen everything up.  But it's not good.

My former employer did their July 4th Massacre early this year. They got rid of four trainers.  I was one of eight - that leaves them three.  Three trainers.  That's not enough.  Also it's not my problem.

But of course I worry - for the ones they let go, and the ones left behind.  Again, still not my problem.

I got a good look at the evaluations from the three week train-a-thon - I got good feedback.  I got called calm, soft-spoken, organized, prepared, knowledgeable.  I don't feel like I'm any of those things, at least, not inherently.  But it felt good that someone else does.

I have a ton of things to do between now and July. It makes it a hell of a lot harder because my brain is laser focused on back pain.  But I have a party to throw on 7/1. And that means a keg, and I also need to have some parts for my UTV delivered.  Fuses.  Fuse pullers.  Ignition switch.  That's it and that's all.

But really, I just want to black out and wake up with my back OK.

I am also having some elbow problems.  When I fell two weeks ago, I apparently injured my bursa, resulting in a condition called Popeye's Elbow.  Basically a knot on the end of my elbow that hurts like a mofo if I bang it or rest on it, or put pressure on it.

And honestly, I just want to eat a bunch of s'mores.

And pet my dog, and sleep, and get a massage.

And a pedicure.

And maybe a cold beer.



What's a s'more?

Also, I know back pain very, very well. I wish I could suggest a remedy for it.
ae said…
S'Mores are a camping treat. You toast marshmallows over the fire, then sandwich it with a graham cracker and a few bites of chocolate bar. Terrible for you.