Visual Eyes

So, about ten years ago, I read this self-help, new-agey book called The Secret.  The book basically says you should figure out what it is that you want, and then behave as if you already have that.  It's about positive visualization.  It's a little hokey, but that's OK.  It certainly doesn't hurt.

At the time, I was interviewing for a job with PureSafety, and I wanted it.  I wanted it a lot.  So I remember visualizing myself dressed in a superhero uniform in the company's colors. I remember seeing myself standing on a mountain top, the wind blowing my cape...

And I got the job.

So, last year, when I decided it was time to start looking, I pulled out my skills I had learned from The Secret. 

I remember trying to picture myself in a new job.  And I had a very clear 10 seconds in my head of how that looked.

I was in a brightly lit office space with a lot of blonde wood-ish furniture.  I was talking with people animatedly, and smiling.  I even remember I was wearing sort of a coral and white shirt, gesturing with my hands... and that's it - I had that very clear image.  I didn't know what I was doing, or where, or with whom.  I just know that I was happy.

And today, I happened to be sitting at my desk.  My blonde wood-ish desk.  I spent a lot of my day smiling and having animated conversations.  And I was wearing a coral and white shirt.  

So, it sounds crazy, I know - but I have manifested my vision, mother-scratchers!

One other really good piece of news from today.  I got my labs back from my physical earlier this week.  And they are really, really good.  My triglycerides are down over 400 points, and all of my cholesterol numbers are on the low end of the normal spectrum.  All of my numbers are perfect!  Here's a good example.  My Coronary Risk Reading was 5.5 back in January.  It should be no higher than 4.4.  Today, my reading was....


So, all this clean living seems to be working.

It's not easy, and given the opportunity, I'd sit down with a Publix sheet cake and a fork, but it's going really well.

So, I'm not saying I just imagine things and they happen, but sometimes, you have a starting point with an ending in mind, and you just have to fill in the middle parts.

And I'm all about that creamy middle, y'all.