This week is really milestoney.  My last Monday with my company.  My last rental car, hotel room, gas-fill up, expensed dinner... right now I'm waiting for the last time to get on my last leg of my last flight home.

Were I not so damn tired and overwhelmed with what I have on my plate for the next two days, I might enjoy it more.

Here's a fun fact.  In past, when traveling, I would often get a small, snack sized bag of Famous Amos cookies.  I would snarf the whole thing and didn't even think twice about it.  Tonight, I past a vending machine on my way to the gate, and they had my dream cookies.  I glanced at them through the glass.  For a bag, 430 calories.  I did not get the cookies.  Instead, I schlepped to the candy place at the middle of the B Terminal at Hartsfield Airport - Ok, I know they changed it to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport - or, if you're checked in on Facebook, the Latoya Jackson Intergalactic Hair Port and Wing Joint.  Whatever.  I grew up in Atlanta - it's Hartsfield.

Anyway, there's a homemade candy joint in the B Terminal, so I went  and got a single caramel covered in milk chocolate and decotated with sea salt.  I'm kind of over the whole sea salt thing.  Honestly, it was not very good.  But it was 66 calories, so, that's the kind of mistake I can occasionally make. 

So anyway.  I'm making good choices for my health. 

Tomorrow morning, I have my final training on the product I was hired for - PureSafety.  It's a customer I have worked with before, but not a close one.  I have told the ones I needed to tell, and the rest, I assume will find out eventually.

And now, I am about to board the 57 minute flight home.  Where I'll take my last expensed Uber, and begin the first night of my new life, where I go to sleep in my own bed.

So I'll power down and get the party started.

Good night, moon!