True Blue

This time last year, I was in the middle of an interview process for a job I really wanted.  Actually, the job was secondary to the company itself.   The company is one I had been eyeballing for years, and it has won scads of awards for "Best Places to Work".  I know someone there, and he's been happy as a clam.

I couldn't talk about it here because I sure as hell wasn't advertising that I was interviewing.  I'm crazy, sure, but not stupid.

I didn't get the job.  Obviously.  And I wrote about my disappointment in really veiled terms.

The silver lining was that the damn head of the company e mailed me to deliver the blow.  Told me they loved me,  didn't think I had enough experience for that specific job, and wished he had the right job for me.  I got the rejection email on my phone in the waiting room at my shrink's office, and spent the next hour falling apart.

The fact is, even though the company was perfect, the job was a bad fit.  They knew it, but it took me a little while to come to the same realization.    I was devastated, I moped...I ate a ton of sugar.  I cried daily for several weeks.  Discreetly, one or two tears at a time over a period of hours, then days, then weeks.

I owe my therapist a box.

But after all that, I kept looking.  I had a few interviews, got pretty far with a few places, cried a little more, kept putting resumes out there, got a few more rejections, worked through it with my shrink.  And you know how the story ends.  Except, there's an epilogue.

I got a message from the 2016 Dream Co, Inc. today.  From my friend who works there.  He said, he knows I just started a new job, but there's a position that opened up, and would I like to meet with them?  He apologized for the horrible timing. Several times.

But here's the thing, kids. It's 2017.  And in the past year, I grew up a little, I learned that dreams are strange and ever changing.  And I learned that happy is not a geographic location, but a state of mind.  And,  I like my new job.  I seem to get along with my colleagues, I like the office, their culture, the values, and I think the work is interesting.  There's plenty of room to grow. They compensate well, they have a solid, clear mission, their product is excellent.  So, although it tempted me for a hot second, I ultimately said, thank you, but I need to stay where I am.

But it makes me happy that they remembered me. 

Because, you's nice to be wanted.

And I don't think any prospective employer would hold a grudge because I want to be loyal to my currently employer.  Would you hire someone whose head could be turned that easily?  Exactly.

I just needed to write about it because, if it were a movie plot or in a novel, it would be just a little too spot on.

So, that's my latest.

And you?