The Jasmine of my Mind

Week two started today, and it's going well.  I spent a little time personalizing my desk.  My last desk was a little over the top, in terms of kitsch and clutter.  I decided to with a more subtle look this go round.  Or, at least for now.

I still have my "Coming to America" shotglasses (a joke gift from a friend), my jar of marbles and my Miss RHS 1991 trophy, but I pared down on the crap, and it doesn't set off any alarms that they hired a crazy person.

I hope. Tomorrow I have my TSA pre-check appointment at the airport, then I have some training to watch, create notes on. 

It's quiet there, which makes working easy and pleasant.  I'm getting up to speed on policies, people, and all kinds of stuff.  I have a credit card coming for travel expenses, I've elected benefits... now I just need to get to work on learning. 

I didn't sleep well last night.  I woke up a lot, and as a result, I'm tired at 8PM Monday.

I'm also hungry.  I had a hugely fibrous dinner, and I ate super healthy all day.  I'm thinking I'll have some yogurt in a bit.

The Preds lost last night, but the Nashville Predators Instagram account liked the picture of my jersey that I posted.  And a friend of mine tagged her friend who tagged her father about it on Facebook.  Her dad is the inspiration for my jersey.

Paul is Paul McCann, the PA Announcer for Preds home games.  Toward the end of each period, he announces the "one minute left", and Nashville fans answer in unison, "Thanks, Paul!"

It's one of my favorite rituals of the game and it's to the point that even when we're watching at home, I do it.

So, I hope he sees it either on FB or Twitter.  Because I don't think he reads this blog.  Pity.

Anyway, things are going well.  I am feeling really great, and things are good...

A little *too* good...

I'm kidding.  Kidding!

Be well and happy, y'all!