Okey Dokey, Artichokey!

So, my last post resonated with several of you, which probably surprises me more than it should.  To answer the question, I have no idea why no plants.  The fact is, they are so hands-off about every aspect of policy, I have no problem with one vaguely arbitrary rule.  

And I don't feel like I have to give up my essential self in following this rule, so, fine. 

The thing is, after my rough day, I came home, got some sleep, then went back in for more.

And in the clear light of day, things looked better.  I made some real progress on getting everything settled, and I was finally able to access some really critical software that should make my job easier.  Also, my boss' boss came in for the first time since I started. She gave me a huge hug and welcomed me.

I ended up walking out with an old colleague from my former company.  He just recently resigned,  and I was sad to hear it, but it was good to get to see him this week.  He got the door as we were leaving, and he said, "I wish I could have opened more doors for you."  I'm not reading a lot into that, but either way that it was meant, it was really nice.

So that was Wednesday.

Thursday (yesterday), we had a company event.  It was called the Day of Service, and it was a lunch sponsored by the company and served by senior managers to thank the employees for all they do.  I think it's a nice practice.  We ended up having burgers and dogs from a food truck called Buns on the Run.  The execs dished out side salads, corn on the cob, beans, brownies, etc.   I was feeling a little weird, but as I was standing in the food truck line, I started talking with three people behind me.  I met a guy whose husband works for a local film festival.  The fact that nobody even reacted when he said husband, told me that this company isn't just talk - they're actually diverse.  We talked about food, Nashville neighborhoods and badge lanyards. 

I should probably explain. My team is about 20 people, and we share the building with another subsidiary of the parent company.  They're about 100 strong.  The people I knew coming into this job all work for the other subsidiary - and there isn't just tons of unity between the two.  Both sides have said that maybe I'll be the bridge.  I hope so.

Anyway, I ended up at the table with my peeps, and we just had a nice, chill time.  I saw one of my former colleagues that I hadn't seen in probably five years, and went to say hello.  He was really excited to see me and so glad I'd landed there.  It was just a good, positive experience.

When we got back to our desks, one of my new co-workers told me he was really glad I was there and that my presence was a "breath of fresh air".  I died a little. 

Then, I had a long conversation with the plant narc.  Turns out I misread her.  She's not mean or petty - she's young and she's anxious.  She is trying to make friends and allies, and she wanted me to know she had my back, and she wants me to have hers.  I am willing to admit when I'm wrong and, y'all, I was wrong.  Write it down, it's rare.

Anyway.  Things just did a 180 in mere days. 

Today, my boss was back for the first time this week. She left a manual on my desk and a note that she'd explain later.  She came over and got me around 10, and we spent the next two hours in her office.  She asked how it was going and I told I was really enjoying it, and that I had done the training prep she suggested, and I had a list of questions.  I just wasn't entirely sure they're relevant.  So I asked a few of them and she said, "These are great questions and they're absolutely relevant.  And she broke it down for me to a point where I felt really solid about the next month.   She asked how I was fitting in, we talked about some future state, and I got the best feeling about being there.

Later that afternoon, my boss walked by and mentioned that she liked my desk setup. 

So, you never know.  Best to take a deep breath and not panic over the little things.  Essentially, I couldn't see the garden because of the herbs... to mangle a metaphor.

So, I'm good.  I'm feeling better.  I'm ready to chillax this weekend, for sure!

And then it gets crazy until July.