Local Girl Makes Good

If you've been reading this for a while, you may know that my first job in Nashville was kind of a hot mess.

I was working for a small company north of downtown.  I didn't have many friends there - except Rosie - and I'll come back to her.

I was lonely, I was terrible at my job (heavy on paperwork, minutiae and tedium), and I could not seem to connect with anyone.   Well, there were elements of my job that I excelled in, but they were about 5% of the job.  The other 95% was horrendous. 

I would cry on Monday mornings on my way into the office.  My stomach hurt most of the time.

I would cry in my car on lunch breaks.   I got good at crying while eating McDonald's and trying to give myself pep talks.

I used to say to myself if I saw a bird on my way into work, it was going to be a good day.  It never was. 

I would cry at my desk.   In the ladies room... the warehouse.   I was sad.  And a little dehydrated.

Every morning, I stopped at the convenience store just around the corner from the office to get a diet soda and a Little Debbie because the woman working the register called me Ladybug, and that was the highlight of my day, every day.  Thank you TigerMart guardian angel.

Typically an Oatmeal Creme Pie, if you were wondering.

The other highlight was my daily phone call to Dad on the drive home.  We talked dogs, food and gardens.

I started there in October 2005, and left in March 2007.  It was about a year and a half, and I hated most of it.

I did get to meet Rosie, who became my first friend in Nashville.  Rosie is in her 60s.  She's in sales, and we bonded over Project Runway and politics.  She had my back.  She still does.

Anyway, she's still with the same company, and she's retiring at the end of the month.  The other day she invited me to a little party she was having at a rooftop bar near my house (and hers - we're in the same part of town).  For some reason, I thought it was going to be with her current (and my former) colleagues.  So I got dressed up today.  I wore jewelry, I put on makeup.

I wanted to let my former co-works, the ones who didn't like me or understand me to know that I had survived, I thrived, and I have arrived.

Thankfully, it wasn't them at the party, but a small gathering of smart, attractive, fun women who all know Rosie from various times in her life.

I was disappointed that I didn't get to gloat.  But honestly, it's probably better that I didn't - it's not a good look.

Anyway, I had fun, then I came home.   But I'm happy. 

Also, I seem to only know how to put make-up on if the look I'm going for is "Severe".  I need to work on that - given that I'm nearly 43.  I do rock a smoky eye.   And that would be fine, if I could leave it alone.  But then, I also put on a dark lipstick, and it starts to get a little corporate goth.  I didn't take pictures today, but I assure you, it was a lot of look.  Especially because on top of all that, my hair is crazy. It's getting triangular.

It's uncanny, the resemblance. I need a haircut - and I hope I get it soon.

Work is good - it's starting to really ramp up, but I have to say I really, really like it.

What a difference a dozen years can make!

Have a good Friday, y'all!  I know I will!