Lather, Rinse (but don't repeat)

It's hard to believe it, but tomorrow is already Thursday.  Even crazier, tomorrow is June.  It is, as we say, busting out all over.

It's good to be busy, and I like it.

Right now, we're watching hockey, and the Preds are falling apart.  I don't care, I still love my Preds, but jeez, it'd be nice to win this one.

I feel like I'm getting a little summer cold, which I don't need.  I took an Airborne after dinner tonight, and now I'm trying to get some fluids.  I have the calories to enjoy some ice cream, but the dog has just now settled down on the couch, and I don't really want to move. 

I'm meeting my friend Jim for lunch tomorrow. I need to get the latest from him. Plus, it's good to have company, and get away from my desk.  Today, I ran errands - we're doing some work on our back fence.  I bought a shovel and some pick axe type gear. It was kind of ominous walking out of the store with lots of crazy burying people in the woods kind of gear.

Let me axe you something...

So, I'm starting to realize that my summer is getting away from me.  June is essentially spoken for, about half of July is set, and August has a few things planned as well.

The dog woke up, so I pulled my Halo Top to thaw.  Chocolate tonight.  It's what the situation calls for, I think.

So, I want to talk grocery shopping for a minute.  There's this cashier at my Kroger of record (the one a mile from the house).  For the sake of the argument, we'll call her Brenda.  So, Brenda has been there about a year, I think.  She's older than me, kind of frumpy and wild looking.  Cavewomanly.  She is constantly wandering around and ordering the other cashiers to do or not do things. Even if she's stationed at her register, she barks out orders from where she's standing.  Baggers aren't safe from her wrath, either.  And she always talks to them in a very demeaning, scoldy way. 

I have asked a number of the other cashiers there, "Is she your boss, or just bossy?"  I don't get a straight answer - she may be a "lead" cashier, but she's not, as far as I can tell, a manager in any formal capacity.

For one, a real manager would know better than to correct her employees publicly.   A good manager teaches without demoralizing.  For another, the managers at Kroger typically don't wear the polo and khakis.  The managers dress up.  And don't typically appear as though they just crawled out of a dumpster to come to work. 

Anyway, I find Brenda very, very unpleasant.  And she is ALWAYS THERE.  I'm pretty sure she works 24-7-365.  I can avoid her if I do self-checkout, but otherwise, I'm within earshot, and she annoys the living hell out of me. I don't want her to lose her job, I just want her to cram it with walnuts...

Of course, before Brenda, there was Daisy (also not her real name) who annoyed me for similar behavior and her urging to have a "blessed" day.  That's small potatoes, compared to Brenda.

All of this to say - the Kroger a half mile from my office is huge, well-stocked, and free from Brenda... it's looking more and more like an option.  It's next door to a Petco, which works well for my Piper-based needs.

Things seem to be working out well - Preds notwithstanding.

And even that has potential to be great.

Peace out, y'all.



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