With Your Shield or On It

I am currently struggling with an unhappy customer at work.  I honestly should have gotten more involved sooner - but I didn't.  It's my fault, in that I set something up wrong.  That said, I set it up as a favor to the customer.  We should have let/made him do it - but I was trying to be nice and help.  No good deed goes unpunished.

My colleagues don't seem especially concerned, but I had to get some managers involved - and that's never fun. 

Oh well - I learned, and we'll fix it and move on.

My diet has hit a plateau.  Today, I tried to eat more veggies than fruit, and there was plenty of lean protein.  I'm going to bust this rut.

That said... I ate a doughnut today.  Yes, I tracked it, no I'm not sorry, and no, it wasn't that great.
Our landlords, did a tenant appreciation thing, and brought in Ellie's Old Fashioned Doughnuts.

They are small cake doughnuts that they sell out of their food truck at the farmers market.  I've seen them advertising for years, this was my first taste.  They are roughly the size of a small doughnut like the kind you'd buy in a package of five at the convenience store.  Donettes, if you will... these were cinnamon and sugar.  I did my research and I clocked it at about 82 calories.  It was ... OK.  It was enjoyable, but I don't know that it was the ne plus ultra of doughnuts.  I'm a Krispy Kreme enthusiast, for one - and for two - in a cake doughnut, I like a Sour Cream one from Dunkin. 

But it was good.  And now, I realize that I can, from time to time, enjoy sugar without a total backslide.

But I can be discerning.  I don't have to eat something unless it's worth it.  Whether it's fruit or Froot Loops, I can make good decisions.

Granted, we're talking about six weeks in to a diet that is going to need to be part of my life for the rest of my life.  I can see myself making bad decisions, too.

Anyway.  This was not a doughnut that deserves this much discussion.

Food aside, I have a new obsession.

S Town.

From the people who bring you Serial and This American Life...

It's the story of a man who suspects a murder in his town has been covered up by a corrupt police force.  Where it goes from there is stranger than fiction - and it's all true.  It's charming, disturbing, life-affirming, heartbreaking and so much more.  If you like podcasts, NPR and the literature of Eudora Welty and tons of profanity, I think this might be right up your alley.

I have listened to all seven episodes, and I want to start over.  I think I may love it more than Serial - the Adnan Syed story - not the Bowe Bergdahl season, which does nothing for me.

Mom got an Instant Pot for her birthday - I emailed her and Jorg with some suggestions of how to use it - I know they'll enjoy it.  I hope, anyway.

I use mine all the time. 

Tonight, I cooked something that had a hodge-podgey feeling to it - but that's because I had it all on hand.  I need to stop at the market tomorrow - we're out of meat, dammit. We need meat.

I went to lunch today with some of my pals from work.  Now, this is an interesting point.  Recently, Mike Pence said he wouldn't have lunch with a woman if his wife weren't present.  The thing is, most of my work friends are male.  Some are married, some aren't.  I've had meals with dozens of male customers.  It hasn't gotten weird once.   But I digress.  We went to get Ghetto Greek - which is to say, gyros etc., from a less fancy place.  Styrofoam plates, cafeteria style line.

It was a good lunch, good conversation.  We could solve a lot of problems if we could get people to listen to us.

Tomorrow, lunch with Jim.  And then it's basically Friday and then it's the weekend...

Same as it ever was.

Later, peeps.