Listen to the Mockingbird

The state bird of Tennessee is the mockingbird. 

The mockingbird's fancy name is the Mimus Polyglottus - which indicates that it is both a mimic, and a polyglot - which means they speak many languages.  This is true.  Mockingbirds freestyle whistle all the livelong day.

Why am I telling you any of this?

Well, Friday, I had the day off.  I was on my way to the mall to do some shopping and I got an IM from one of my colleagues needing some help with a prank.  He had placed an ad on Craigslist for someone trying to sell his pet monkey.  He put the phone number of one of the guys in marketing as the seller.  My job was to call the number and express interest in the monkey.  So I did.  I called three times and left a message, each increasingly more frantic and bizarre.  I told him my name was Beverly Simmons.  I adopted a southern accent.   Later, from a different phone, I called as Martha Stokes from the Fish and Wildlife Department with an "I mean business" voice.  It was fun.  Sick, but fun.

Apparently, my voicemails made the rounds at work, because several people stopped me today to tell me what a good job I'd done.  So, you know - it was fun to be in on a gag.

That's all I have to say about that.

My dinner plans tonight went awry tonight.  I opened the meat and it smelled bad and looked worse.  So - we tossed it and ate leftovers.  But all of this happened after I had spent a fair amount of time peeling and chopping ginger.  And that's fine - it's not like I won't use chopped ginger some other time.  Still - bummer.  

It's hard to believe it's April.  We have some fun planned for this month.  I have one trip to take - to fabulous Atlantic City, NJ.  We have tickets to Patton Oswalt on the 19th.  There should be some hockey playoffs.  Plus, there's Easter.  I always make a cake for Matt to take to work.  Coconut, with lots of decor on top.

Plus, we're easing our way into local strawberry season, and that means canning.  I enjoy Spring.

OK, that's enough out of me.

Peace out, peeps.


Christopher said…
That prank is brilliant. It's even more admirable that you apparently weren't recognized in the different calls. I hope it caused some panic.