It's a living thing...

I went up to the mountains this weekend for a work day.  I dug ditches, I watched a fire, I got sunburned.

I also took my mother and Jorg to a birthday dinner, and I still managed to keep it all under calories.

I will admit I ate a sliver of her cake - caramel, from Rhodes Bakery.  It's not my favorite, but I wanted a taste, and after a day of ditch digging, I burned enough calories to enjoy a tiny little bit of sugar.

And the thing is, I don't crave it today.  I mean, if there was a pan of hot brownies sitting in front of me, I'd cry tears of shame and joy (alternating) as I shoved fistfuls into my gaping maw.  That's just how it would go.  But I'm not having DTs or anything.

The thing I wanted to share with you was a photo I took in the mountains - it's a one of me in front of the same tree Dad was standing next to in the photo I posted last week...

As selfies go, not the worst.  Not the best, but...

I'm glad to be home.  I did some laundry, bought groceries, hung out with the dog, Matt.

This looks to be a quiet week at the office - the first week of a new quarter usually is.

And that's fine - I really need to figure out how we're going to get hot water back in the mountains. Well, I mean the end result is that we need a new water heater - it's the question of how that has me in a quandary.

But you know, I'm a problem solver.  Right now, I'm going to solve one problem by going to bed.  The problem is fatigue and sunburn.  Sleep is always an answer.