Hot as Hell

I'm sitting at the airport in Philadelphia.  I really like the airport.  It sucks if it's a connection, but I was able to easily kill 3 hours, and I am currently sitting waiting on my phone to charge, and catching up before I board.  First stop?  Chicago.  From there?  Home, Jeeves.  It's two hours longer than the direct flight, but the direct flight was sold out.  So.  Either wait til tomorrow or suffer the slings and arrows of connected at Chicago Midway.  Better to be in my own bed tonight.

Great trip, all in all.  I went to Delaware.  I can color that one on my map.  I went to Cherry Hill Mall.  It's huge, and I bought some clothes.  The new job, I'm told, it more casual, so we'll have to see what happens there.

I have enough to get me through week one.  Then I can panic from there.  Tons of paperwork came through yesterday - they have already assigned me an employee number, an e mail address and shared a bunch of my benefits stuff.  I have my SSN card, my renewed passport, and it seems to be coming together.  I haven't heard about the results of my background check and drug test, but time will tell.  There's nothing to find, but I just want the final green light.

The customer this week got billing training.  I finally, and I do mean finally understand it, now that I'm never training it again.  The woman who signed the contract complimented me on my training and asked if she were to train some other staff would I be the trainer.  I panicked.  I said whenever possible, we try to send the same person for cons.,istency, so it's likely but not guaranteed.  Which is awkward.  Jim said, "Well, it looks good for you if people ask for you after you're gone."  From a purely narcisstic POV, he makes a good point.  But if I were one of the other trainers, I'd hate to be someones second choice.

But, it is what it is.

No big plans this weekend.  One time sensitive errand, laundry, housework and repack - but beyond that, it's smooth sailing.  I'll be glad to see Matt and Piper.  And watch hockey, by golly!

The Preds are having a great post season so far.  Keep it up, Preds!

I managed to eat healthy here for the most part.  I need to stop buying and eating Halo Top ice cream, yummy and lo-cal as it is.   I did try a single Kandy Kake (not worth it), but avoided Philly Cheese Steaks,  so - net/net - I'm good.

That's my catching up for the moment.  I need to get powered down, find a ladies room, and get ready to go to Chicago.  I picked up a few goodies here for people, but you never know what Midway has for me.  Except mice.  I know it has mice.  I was waiting on a flight there when one came sauntering through the terminal.  Oh, Midway.  I won't miss you !

More soon.



Christopher said…
It tickles me that you know the drug test won't show anything but you're waiting for the results anyway. I know I'm so panicky that if I had to take a drug test I'd be afraid they'd find something, but if they did I'd think, well, this must be what they mean when they say if you remember the sixties then you weren't there.
Travis Smith said…

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