That's my fun day!

I feel like I just need to put this out there.  I know that I have been posting a lot recently, and in re-reading, I feel like the quality, quantity, and tone of my posts might suggest some manic behavior.  I assure you I'm not manic.  I am getting the burst of energy associated with making changes and gaining forward momentum, which feels a little whirlwindy, but should settle into a pattern soon.

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  Friday night, we ate brisket and it was delightful.  We watched some TV, read, petted the dog and so on.

Yesterday, I woke up early to take Piper for her annual exam.  She saw the newest doctor in the practice who was as lovely and compassionate as the other two docs.  All three are women, and as far as I can tell, the only dude in the place is Douglas, who manages the front office, and he's just a delight.   Anyway, Piper's healthy, happy, and rabies/heartworm free.

I came home and got back in bed for a bit. 

We went to an Escape Room in the afternoon.  These have recently gained popularity in Nashville (and elsewhere) and I think they're a lot of fun.  We did one a while back - we being me, Jim, Brian, Jessie and Jessie's friend whose name escapes me - he was visiting from Louisiana.  Anyway, we were paired up with two strangers - a girl with purple hair and her half asleep boyfriend.  It was our first time, we didn't really know what to expect, and we picked the hardest room in the facility.  We didn't come close to escaping.  We did a "Jailbreak" themed escape and it was fun, but hard and a little maddening.  We blamed the two "dead weight" folks in our group for our loss.

This time, we knew what we were doing.  The occasion was Brian's birthday, and we chose "Art Heist" in his honor - he's a curator/artist.  Jessie's friend was back in Louisiana, but this time, I brought Matt.   We had, I believe, all gone online to do our homework - because we all agreed we needed to ask for clues earlier and more often.

We did a pretty solid job with it - we had three analytical folks - Matt, Jim and Jessie - and two more creative left-brain types - me and Brian.  I was able to decipher one of the major clues, but for the most part, I dithered and held doors open, moved things around, and stayed out of the way.

Anyway, we escaped with six minutes to spare, and I'm proud as hell of us for our efforts.

Happy Birthday to Brian!

After the game, we went to Jim's for tea and cake.  Iced tea, that is.  I opted out of cake, and it killed me because it's one of my favorites.  It's what the French would call a Fraisier - two thin layers of light yellow cake which contain sliced strawberries (les fraise) and whipped cream.  It's like strawberry shortcake, but way, way better.  Anyway, I didn't have any.

When we left, Matt and I went for a late lunch/early dinner at Chuy's.  We rarely go there because it's crazy crowded, but at 4:30 in the afternoon, it was reasonably easy to get a table.  I had their Mexi-Cobb Salad, which I recommend, and Matt had a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom  - and it looked fabulous. 

Came home, watched the Preds lose and I started the laundry, and made some grocery lists.

This morning, I woke up early, so I decided I'd get a jump on my Trader Joe's run.  Got there shortly after they opened and managed to get it done quickly.  I didn't need tons of things there, but somehow managed to run up $80.00.  It's those damn lavender dryer sachets.  I want my sheets to smell nice, even for just a night.

When I got home, I put it all up, did more laundry, called Mom and sat with the dog out on the deck for awhile.

Matt and I took a drive to the dump, partly to get rid of some stuff, mostly to drive the truck a bit and keep it charged up.

When we got back, Matt went to go take some photos for a friend of his, and I went to Kroger.  Again, I managed that trip pretty quickly.  With the exception of a little apple incident.  I bought apples for making curry on Wednesday (they thicken it without starch - and it just works, trust me).  I bought small Granny Smiths which were 3 for 99 cents.  She rang them up as something else and I called her on it, because, hey - that's an extra two dollars that I don't need to spend.  She had a hard time voiding it, and she went to check the signs, and what do you know?  I was right.  Anyway, while she was gone, I decided to bag my own groceries, and if I may say so, I nailed it!  If it all goes to shit, I can get a cashiering job, and I would be a bagging fiend.  I almost always help bag at Trader Joe's, but for whatever reason, having to do it a Kroger seems inconvenient. 

Oh well.  Came home, put it all up and cooked dinner - turkey tenderloins I got from Aldi, roasted carrots, broccoli, wild rice.  All pretty damn good.  I couldn't get all my calories in.

More laundry, dishwashing, dog tending, laundry folding and storage.  I didn't stop moving til around 9PM. Then, I did a crossword, read a few things online, and that brings me to now.

Honestly, I'm exhausted.  I've had a week to adjust to Springing Forward, and Spring officially starts tomorrow AM.

Bring it!