Sunday Night Live

OK - I think I have my new website about where I want it.  I'll make some minor tweaks here and there, but I like it.  I don't love the navigation through old posts, but to get the look I wanted, I had to give up a few concessions.  That's how we roll around here.

So, other than some really basic web design, it's been a quiet weekend.  The basics - groceries, laundry, housework.  I need to get my mother a birthday present.  I have an idea or two, but I'll have to execute.

I took Piper to get bathed today.  She barked at everyone standing on street corners between here and Washpaw - yes, that's the name of the place.  She jumped into my lap at one point and I had to extract her as I was making a right turn into the parking lot.  That said, as soon as I got her out of the car, she was jazzed to be there.  I got her bathed quickly, and she was completely calm for her nail trim and ear cleaning.   Done and done.

Lola, I believe, was in some ways easier than Piper.  In some ways.  She wasn't quite as mouthy, she was better with strangers (marginally) and she was easier to deal with in the car.  But she had skin issues, gastro issues, and on and on.  And she hated boarding, she hated getting her toenails cut.
So, you know - I'm drawn to naughty pups.  And they're drawn to me.

I did some great cooking over the weekend, including Shrimp Diablo - basically, shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce over, in this case, pasta - though rice works as well.

Which reminds me - I tried riced cauliflower for the first time this past week as a rice substitute.  I loved it - better than rice, if you want my opinion.  It's a good thing I have a high fiber tolerance.

So, you know - the diet progresses and it's going well.

I do have some travel coming up - New Jersey.  Yay.  I tried to see if it was close enough to Connecticut or Rhode Island so I could take a quick drive across state lines and cross another one off the list.  No luck.

The other minor irritant  -  well, not so minor - is that my company has pulled out of a conference we used to offer sponsorship to.  It's held by a group of long-time customers, and I had the pleasure of attending several of them:  New Orleans, NYC, Denver, Tampa and Monterrey, CA.  Yeah, they always pick great destinations, always near one of their facility branches.

This year is no exception.  Montreal.  My heart breaks.  I love, love, love Montreal. I love these customers.  I would love to experience Montreal with these people I have come to care about a lot.  But... we're not that company any more.  We're a totally different kettle of completely different fish.

So.  No Montreal.

At least, not this year.

The weather has warmed up here, to the point where you have no idea what to wear.  Because you might need a jacket for the 30 seconds it takes to get from front door to car, but by the time you leave work for the day, it's sweltering.  And that's not even taking into account the office temperatures.  I tend to overheat, but the tiny little pixies and imps in my department are turning blue - you can't keep everyone happy.  I'd keep the hot people happy - it's easier for the cold people to put something on.  You do NOT want to see me in a tube top, I assure you.

Similar to this, but paler, ashier, hairier.

I need to get a few clothing items to get through the season.  I think.  I should check everything I have stashed away to see what still works, what doesn't.  What I definitely need is shoes.  My black dress shoes are  starting to fall apart...and stink.

I know, I know - it's upsetting to realize a princess like me has foot odor issues.  If it's upsetting to you, think how I feel being the owner of funky feet.

So - I need to get some black flats, pronto.

I see my doctor briefly this week - she has to do some lab work and see if I get to stay on all my drugs. There's one she's holding hostage, and that's the one that you really don't want to go cold turkey on - so it was this week or nothing.  I've lost enough weight, made enough forward progress that I think she'll be, if not happy, mollified.  I don't really care if she's happy or not.  Just keep me in chemicals and nobody gets hurt, dammit.

And with that, I'm going to wind it down start my evening routine and go to bed.  I have a busy week ahead - filled with adventure, romance, and cabbage.  Plenty of cabbage.