I Can Dig It!

Ok, so I had another dream where I was screaming and it was really heated.  It was right before I woke up.  It is, I believe, a sequel to the dream I had on March 4th/5th.

As it turns out, in researching the date of the first scream dream, I realized I talk a lot about my dreams on this blog.  Here's what I know.  My dreams are boring to other people.  Do you know how I know that?  Because your dreams are boring to me!  Sorry, but I you know I'm right.  I'll ease up on the dream talk.

Here's how I would explain it.  Dreaming is like clearing your browser history, cache and cookies every night.  So, every night, there's all this stuff that you're clearing out - and some of it is completely random, and most of it is nothing, and it may be old things you had even forgotten were on your computer.  But trying to put it into a narrative is like eating jello with chopsticks.  Or like me reading you my browser history with short anecdotes.  BORIIIIIIING.

Anyway, all of this to say that the first time I had the scream dream, I was really concerned - this time I woke up just as agitated, but as soon as I was awake, I had this sort of, "Aha!" moment, and I realized that I had some stuff in my cache that was slowing down my operating system.  I don't think everything got debugged, but I think I'm cleaning up some crap that has been in there for awhile.

But enough of that, for now.  And forever, maybe

It's Spring in Nashville, and it's marvelous.  I think we're finally done with the dumb cold weather.  I mean, anything below freezing.  It was a mild, mild winter.  I pulled out my pretty orange pea coat ONCE (and found $10 in the pocket).  I wore my down jacket maybe five times, total.  The rest of the time it was a vest, or nothing.  Well, I mean, I wore clothes the whole winter - we're talking outerwear here.

I've enjoyed the extra light at the end of the day, thanks to Springing Forward.  It means that when I get home, Piper and I can enjoy some play time outside without it being cold or dark.  I can also grill dinner without having to use my cellphone flashlight, which is just pitiful.  They actually make lights you can attach to your grill - by next winter, I'm getting one.  End of story.  They also make a gauge you can hook up to the propane tank that tells you how much is in there.  Never run out of gas mid-steak again!

I sometimes think in punchlines of jokes.  Often, actually.

"When he comes to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole"

"I'm fucking despair!"

"In all this horse shit, there's gotta be a pony somewhere!"

It's the last one that I started thinking about this morning.  I am, despite my grim, occasionally crabby rambling and snarky demeanor, I am, at heart an optimist.  I believe that most people in this world are good, and trying to do their best.  Not everyone because while I'm an optimist, I'm also a realist.  My mother and her beau are both concerned about the state of the world.  I said that I think things are going to work out OK.  They asked me why I thought that, and I said if I didn't believe that things would be fundamentally OK, I couldn't get out of bed every morning.  And I'll be honest - some mornings I don't want to get out of bed.  Bed is kinda great.  But I do, because I can't wait to see what happens next.  And I think that "what's next" is going to be a mix of good things and bad, but since the world is made of mostly good people... good will prevail. So. Yeah.

So, I'll keep refilling my glass half full, and I'll continue to drink from it.  Gotta stay positive and hydrated!