Hey Y'all!

So, I've been doing a lot of cooking, and as usually happens, I get stuck in ruts.  My current rut is roasted vegetables.  But they're tasty, dammit and easy.

But, I need to find a new trick, because there's only so much roasting I can do before we get tired of it.

It's the end of the quarter at the office, and that means that, as is typical, panic has ensued.  I think we'll miss our numbers, which means that the first few weeks of Q2 will be a frenzy of activity - maybe reconfiguring sales territories, examining the pipeline - salesy stuff.  And that won't affect me directly for some time to come.  It's good.  It's all good.

The dog seems a little puny tonight.  Not sick, per se - just a little off.  Her vet visit last weekend was first-rate, so I'm not unduly worried.

I ended up taking our truck to work today.  I managed to leave my car's trunk cracked overnight, and that drained the battery.   So this morning, I went to start it and... nada.  So, I closed the trunk, trudged back in and got the truck keys.  We park the truck in our back yard (we have a double gate into the alley).  In fact, in my header picture, you might catch a little peep of it.  Or not.

Matt bought the truck a few years ago from a friend and we've really enjoyed having it for dump trips, Home Depot runs, and now twice for when I drained my battery because the trunk of my car didn't get shut completely.  It's not fancy - it has about 200K miles on it, the windows don't roll up and down reliably, the air conditioning is pretty well kaput, so it's not a great summer car.  But it's damn fun to drive.  I would love a truck as my next vehicle, but it's not exactly practical.  Still...

Beyond that, we're just easing our way into another week.  I have to go to my doctor this week so that she'll renew a few prescriptions for me.  I get it, but it's still annoying to have my chemicals held hostage.  That said, I'm down about 10% of my body weight, and down eight points on my BMI.  I suspect she'll be surprised, and I hope she's pleased.  She's one of those weird naturally thin types who doesn't know what it's like to eat brown sugar out of the bag to quiet the demons in your head.  Bless her heart.  The lows are low, but oh, the highs!  I'm mostly kidding.  I do miss sweets, but honestly, not so much that everything looks good.  I walked past the bakery department in Kroger over the weekend and was not impressed.

Speaking of bakeries, my mother turns 73 on Sunday, so I need to call the bakery that makes her cake of choice and put in an order.  She, her boyfriend and I will be going to dinner Friday, and I want a little cake for her afterward.  They're having some friends to his house Sunday for a little gathering, but I'll be back in Nashville for that, so - I gotta get what I can when I can.

Her cake of choice is one that does very little for me - a caramel cake.  I find the icing gritty, and the cake can dry out easily.  So, it's a cake that needs ice cream (butter pecan works well), and/or a cold glass of milk.  I can easily pass up a slice of that.  Now, a Publix yellow sheet cake with fudge icing? That makes my hairs stand on end.

Anyway - caramel cake for Mom - something in the way of a birthday present... it's going to be a nice weekend.  I also head to the mountains for a work day, and that will be a good, good thing.

Things feel like they're falling into place.  And not in a scary, "Oh shit - the other shoe is poised to drop".  And I'm not saying that there's not a shoe hanging by a lace, it's just that I'm ready to handle whatever happens next.

And that feels good.