Meatloafus Interruptus

So, sadly, it's a meatloaf-free Valentine's Day, folks.

Here's what happened.  This morning, I was getting a shower and I noticed the pressure was a little low.  I figured my husband was using water elsewhere in the house - our place was built in 1930, so water flow isn't exactly stellar.

Well, he wasn't.  So I mentioned it to him before he got in the shower and told him I'd call Metro to see if they were doing work in the area.  In the back of my mind, I also thought, "Did I pay the water bill?"  I did.

When I walked out the front door, I saw a stream of water coming down the sidewalk.  Here's the bad news, it was pouring out of a crack in the retaining wall in front of our house.  So, I went in and told Matt about it, called Metro and headed to work.  Now, I knew in my heart that it probably was an us problem and not the city's problem.  Matt did some research and, yes - anything past the water meter is on us to deal with.

So, he turned off the water at the street, and I did my 8:30 training class.  When I got done, I packed up and headed home to call a plumber. 

The guy came, looked at it, and told me what I had already determined, which is that we're going to have to replace the entire line from the street to the house.  He said he'd need to call in a project manager to complete the estimate, and just to hang tight.  Meanwhile, he took pictures, video, walked around the yard to check things out.  Piper protested from her kennel in the yard.  It was awesome.

Anyway, the upshot is, this is not an easy fix, it's not a cheap fix, and it's not a quick fix.   But they will do it right, and that's the good part.  I think.  They start next Tuesday and assured me it's a one day job.

So, long story boring, I will not be cooking tonight.  While I waited for the plumber, I did a flurry of housework, and I'm pleased with that.  But putting my hands in meatloaf without a way to effectively clean them before or after?  Not doing it.  We can still cook this week, I'll just do things we can grill and microwave - things that don't require washing tons of dishes.

What we're going to have to do til it's fixed is briefly turn the water on at the street, do what needs done in the house, and then turn it off.  It's a hoot, I tell ya!

That said, for dinner, we'll be having Five Guys.  I think.  Matt can pick when he gets home, but that's where we're leaning.

I'm bummed.  To an extent about the meatloaf, but honestly, really about the water line.

So, as it turns out, we're giving ourselves/each other the gift of water for years to come.

Priceless.  Sort of.



The joys of homeownership. If your house was built in 1930 and the line hasn't been replaced previously, I'd say that's a good run. I miss cooking with ground beef - meatballs, meatloaf, the occasional low-rent indulgence of Hamburger Helper. Precocious Daughter will be on her own in a few years, and I can go back to dipping my hands into piles of raw meat. That's not weird, is it?