Make It Last All Night

I am slightly obsessed with the American Girl doll line.

Back in the dark ages, we bought my mother "Molly" - a girl growing up in the 1940s who bore more than a passing resemblance to Mom, who was also a girl growing up in the 1940s.

The company started with a line of Historical Dolls - each with a set of books that told their story - and they all had different outfits you could buy, and beds and birthday cakes and so on.  It was insane and insanely expensive.

They branched out over the years.  They started making dolls that looked like their owners.  You could pick hair, eye color and skin tone - get a little mini-me.  Now, I have threatened to do this on more than one occasion.  But here's the problem - to get my hair right, I'd have to be black.  Which I'm not.  They have a "Girl of the Year" who gets a yearlong story arc.  She typically has a hobby, experiences some kind of mild conflict and has to draw on her talents to get through it.

Anyway, what started as a catalog only enterprise went into brick and mortar, big time.  American Girl stores feature salons where dolls can get a new coiffure, hospitals for repair.  Dolls can get their ears pierced.  They can get glasses, wheelchairs and hearing aids.  There are clothes for both doll and owner for dressing alike.  There are books, and accessories.   There's a cafe where you and your doll can get a bite to eat.  The restrooms in this store have a special bracket for holding your doll while you do your business.

And I have never been inside one that wasn't packed.

My premise of their business model is that parents will pay a steep price to keep their little girls little just a little longer.

Yesterday, an announcement came out that rocked the American Girl world.  They have a new doll.  It's a boy!!!!

Hello, Ladies!

He is Logan Everett.  He lives in Nashville, TN.  Well, my last name is also Everett and I live in Nashville, TN.  That's crazy, right?

Well, Logan is the bandmate of one Tenney Grant, an aspiring signer-songwriter.  Because, of course.

In my mind you're blowing me... some kisses....

Naturally, I'm stoked.  That AG has a boy doll, that he's an Everett, and that they have two Nashville dolls.   But can we be real a minute?  He's the drummer - why is he in front of the mic?  She's the lead singer.  I bet he's douchey.  I bet he tries to control her creative process and goes around her to get his own recording deal and advance his career at her expense.  And that he sends her mixed messages about his feelings for her, and uses her confusion as a weapon to torment her with.

Or, maybe they're just two kids who like music.  But admit it, he looks like a major d-bag in his little leather jacket.  But Tenney is just looking at him like he's the bees knees.

I may be projecting.

I'm still stoked, though.

I'll leave you with something that makes me howl with laughter every single time I see it.  Conan O'Brien decided to pay a visit to American Girl in California. Enjoy, Dolls!  It's not short, but it's worth it.  I laugh out loud every time.



Christopher said…
He's a drummer in a band with no drumset that I can see. Where is the drumset? Okay, they are a cute couple--cute enough that I'd rename them Reyna and Deacon.
But that's just my play pattern.