Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I am hanging out this afternoon at the local laundromat. Technically I'm hanging out at the slightly less local laundromat. The one right near my house is closed on Sundays.

I have chosen a laundromat near Vanderbilt University, about two miles from our house. For Sunday afternoon, it is remarkably uncrowded. Which is a good thing, because there's no parking.

I'm about a block from Matt's first apartment, and five blocks from his second apartment. This is a great part of town, called Hillsboro Village.. It's close to everything, and it's really fun. We couldn't afford it back when we were looking at houses. I'm pretty sure we couldn't now either.

When you get into your forties, you kind of figure you have aged out of the whole laundromat thing. But, since we're waiting for our plumbing to get fixed, and we need clean clothes... Here I am. Rock Me Like a Hurricane.

We get our new water line on Tuesday. So after that we're good to go. But we needed clothes for the next few days. In the interest of expediting the process, I loaded everything into a big commercial washer.  I like seeing it through the window.

Nashville is kind of charming. Even the laundromat has a wall of fame.

Because, if you have to wash your stuff in public, isn't it comforting to know that you used potentially the same machine as Lulu from Hee Haw. 

You cannot make this shit up.

One of the nice things about this one is the Ms. Pacman machine in the corner. At the moment there's a meet cute couple playing. I'm thinking Grad Students. She said the next time she sees him, she wants to get his opinion on water bottles. This means they aren't having sex yet, but give it a month. Doing laundry together is the gateway to a long, torrid, sexual semester or two.

Truth be told, I could knock out a lifetime of laundry here fast. I've done it before.  Just came in for about four hours and powered through some backlog.  Right after that, Dad had his heart attack. Or his stroke? Either way, I was super lucky to have a ton of clean clothes.

I'm not drying my clothes here. I'm going to take them home and save a few bucks.

Because as nice as the laundromat is, there's no place like home.


Christopher said…
On those rare occasions I go to the laundromat (because the couch covers are too big to fit in the home washing machine--a whole other level of first world problems) I go to a fairly scuzzy one that has the advantage of being near me but the disadvantage of being far enough on the outskirts that it doesn't have a wall of fame.
It would be worth the trip to Hillsboro Village, which, truth be told, wouldn't be that much farther--I work at Vanderbilt University--just to see the wall of fame.
In fact I think every building in Hillsboro Village has its own wall of fame. I love the Acklen Post Office's wall of fame with dozens of people neither I nor anyone else has ever heard of.
The one thing the laundromat near me does have is a Ms. Pacman machine. I guess there's a law that all laundromats have to have one.