Damn you, Facebook!

So, all kinds of news today.  The biggest news is that we have water!  I celebrated by loading and running the dishwasher.  It was heavenly.

I ended up working the day from home, which is always kind of a pain in the ass when you have a dog, especially one who is prone to barking when strangers have a backhoe in your front yard.  I'm ready to have a little less drama, get a few productive days under my belt.

So, I joined this program offered by my company free of charge called Real Appeal - it's essentially a web-based Weight Watcheresque program.  I do a meeting once a week, then I have a 1 on 1 with my coach.  That's later this week.  She seems perfectly nice, but maybe a little overworked.  I'll reserve judgment.

I'm in it for the free shit.

What I do like is that there is an online tracker where I can log my food and it automatically fills in the calories - it's very easy, so I find that I'm actually doing it, whereas on Weight Watchers, I don't think I ever tracked for more than a day at any given time.  You can build a recipes, too.

I've been eating better since I got the evil eye from my doctor late last month, and I hate to admit, but I do feel better.  Now I need to get some exercise.  Which, you know, I hate.   I've been off sugar for a few weeks - I still do the occasional diet soda, and I know I need to kick those to the curb, too.

But there are all these dumb cake making videos on Facebook, and they make me want sweets in a big way.   I'll get through it - I just need to stop looking at the strawberry cakes, crock pot cinnamon rolls (gross, actually), and homemade dulce de leche.   Oh, and every casserole that shows up because all my friends love the Casseroles page on FB.

If there were a filter that could turn pics of food to pictures of roadkill, that would be helpful.

As it is, I still need to find a way to use 467 calories tonight.  I'm thinking banana, peanut butter...milk?

Hmmm.  I'll get the hang of it.