Brokeneck Maintain

So, it's Friday here in Music City, USA.  Although, if we're being technical, I'm writing from Franklin, TN today.

Regardless, it's Friday.

Last night, I woke up every few hours for no reason.  And each time, I lay there wondering what time it was and if my alarm was about to go off.  I woke up at midnight, 3:25AM and finally at 6:29AM. My alarm goes off at 6:33AM.

So, this weekend, my agenda involves some sleep.  And cleaning, trips to Goodwill.  Just the same old, same old.

You will be pleased to learn that my Delicate Lady Chili tied for 3rd in the cook-off.  The other 3rd place winner gave up claim to the medal/prize, as long as she got bragging rights in the email announcement (she won last year and already has a medal).  She's also on the committee that hosts it, so I'm guessing she could source another medal as needed.

Tied - Third Place - (Kroger Gift Card Not Shown)


I have spent much of my week.  So, so much of my week trying to get some pharmaceuticals approved.  It looks like today was the day.  And just in time!  My new pill organizer arrives from Amazon today.  Yeah, you read that right.  I also ordered Matt some beard balm and a pebble tray for his new bonsai tree to get the total up enough for free shipping. 

Folks, it just doesn't get any crazier than this.  Does it?  DOES IT?


TGIF, y'all.