Ad astera, per aspera...

I started out my month with a bang, of sorts.  Time for my annual mammogram.  It's just unpleasant.  I mean, it hurts, a stranger is getting to second base with me, there's a potential for bad news...

Last year they were kind enough to offer me a cold Diet Coke when it was over.  This time, nothing.  Which is fine - it was my lunch hour, so I went to Steak n Shake, which was not as good as I remember it - probably because I went to the drive through and ended up getting mustard all over my shirt.  Which was black, so, minimal damage - but I had to de-mustard quickly before my 1:30 meeting. 

The meeting, for what it's worth, was a last minute addition to my calendar today.  Had I known in advance, I'd have chosen a better outfit.  Actually, I've hated everything I've worn this week - I have wardrobe fatigue. But I'd have probably stepped it up a little. 

So, I threw on a scarf to camouflage my mustard residue and put on a little makeup.  I really ought to wear makeup more.

Nice Scarf, Mustard Girl!

Anyway, this customer is a long time fan of our software.  He has taken us with him to every company he goes to work for.  We are on #4.  He's a character - loves to party, loves for us to take him out and show him some fun.  He came to town for another meeting, and called his reps and said, "Hey, since I just signed a new contract, let's get lunch and we can do the kickoff at your office."  So that's how it went down.

I'm sure he didn't know I had a sore chest that had been assaulted by condiments.

The other theme of the day was that I've been doing battle with my health insurance company.  My doc suggested I would benefit from some medication for some sinus issues that flare up when I travel, but are pretty much with me all the time*.  It would be a nice to have, not in and of itself a life-or-death dealbreaker.  But it's new, it has no generic, and surprise - it's expensive.  Whatever.  I called the insurance company, gave them the name of the medication and CSR #1 says, well, it's not a preferred medication,  but it is a maintenance drug. It wouldn't be covered with a co-pay, but here's what it would cost per month.  And I said, OK - that's not bad.  So, I call my doctor's office, and ask for them to write the scrip.

Walgreen's calls, tells me they're having problems with this new prescription - that the Insurance Company won't cover it because the doctor didn't request prior approval.  So I call the Insurance Company, they say, "Oh, yes, she just needs to call us and tell us that it's what she wants to prescribe with no substitution".  

So I call and leave another message with the doc, and I explain the situation.

Nurse calls me back and said, They're not going to cover it. They basically don't want to pay for it when there are other cheaper (harsh, side-effect heavy) meds that could do a similar thing.  BUT - she continues, the drug company itself DOES want me to take this drug (fucking of course they do), and they offer a "Savings Club" promotion where they pay a chunk of it so it's reasonable for you to pay out of pocket.  Well, this is why I have a Health Savings Account, right?  So I say, great, I'll try that.

I go, fill out the info to get what is essentially a coupon, and head to the pharmacy tonight.

Well, I get there, the pharmacist loads in the coupon, and I take deep cleansing breaths, and promise myself I'm not going to lose my shit, no matter what happens.  What happens is, my insurance has put a block on the scrip - they won't let me fill it because the doctor hasn't requested prior approval.  But, but... she did, and you said "not covered".  If I want to pay for it, and I have a legit scrip, then to need to stand aside and let me take my fucking pills.

He explains to me he's faxed it to my doc to take care of, but naturally, I need to call them and make sure I get what I need.  I said to my pharmacist, "So what I've learned from this is that my insurance provider will tell me whatever they think I want to hear to get me off the phone."  And he just says, "Exactly."

Tomorrow, I try again.  Will I die if I never get this drug?  No.  Will it make my life better if I get it?  Yes. 

But I'm going to wear my Insurance Company down.  If I have to do a Shirley MacLane  style Terms of Endearment freakout, I'll do it.

I don't want to piss off my doctor.  I don't mind fucking with Express Scripts.  Fuck those motherfuckers.

And I will be writing them a carefully worded letter that tells them what I think about being LIED TO repeatedly.

As we used to say back at the Ophthalmic Surgery Center - "Don't bullshit me, Tony."

And the horse you rode in on,


*Who are we kidding - it's for my Crab-Herpes Gonorrsyphillis.