Your Wacky Neighbor

Inspired by a less than optimal visit to my primary care physician on Friday, I quit sugar over the weekend.  And by that, what I really mean is "sweets" - candy, ice cream, cookies, cake... the basics.

I know there's sugar in tomato soup, bread, fruit ,etc. I know that I need to also quit aspartame, but you will have to pry Coke Zero out of my cold, fat, dead hands.  I'm not giving that up.

That said, I won't be adding Crystal Lite to my water, because, I can manage unflavored H2O. 

I gave sugar one last kiss (off) with a special candy bar: 

It didn't taste like much, to be honest.  I need to remember that when things start looking grim...

I am so, so close to being done with my antibiotic, and that's a good thing - it has been a real fun experience.

I'm still not right from this whole shitshow.  I'm coughing, I'm congested, my headaches are not sudden or severe, but occasionally, I get a persistent dull ache.

I'm willing to admit I might be a little cranky.

Jim and I went to see "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" over the weekend.  A cute show.  Not heavily staged (like Wicked) but really sweet and musically interesting.  I really enjoyed it.
I wish I were a soprano.  Both the female roles in the show have lovely, operatic voices.  There's one man who plays seven or eight roles (male and female).  I actually could manage that role, since he's clearly a tenor, but...

Anyway.  I'm detoxing on sugar, toxing on Augmentin and I'm not much fun.

I'll try for something a little lighter in February.