You say you want a resolution? Redux.*

Happy 2017, y'all.

I spent NYE at a house party with friends.  Low-key, good conversation, finger foods.

I overate, and woke up with severe acid indigestion at 4AM.  Not to put too much description to it, but ultimately, I barfed.

As it turns out, that was the precursor to waking up later in the morning with a full blown case of whatever Matt has had for the past two weeks.  A cold with cough, sinus probs.  It is what it is, but what it is, is crappy.  I managed, in throwing up, to pull a neck muscle, because, of course.  And it's fine, I'm fine.  I just have a sinus headache,  can't turn my head very well, and I'm being extremely cautious about eating.

That said, it's New Year's Day, so... I had to get in my black-eyed peas and greens.  And since the kitchen is in upheaval from painting, I did what I had to do.  I went to Cracker Barrel.  That's not really a sacrifice.  I like Cracker Barrel.  I got us two dinners to go, and they were good.  I ate slowly, really tried to be mindful.  But the house is really paint-fumey, Piper was extremely interested in our dinners, and Matt is in the process of shopping for a new trash can for the kitchen.  So, you know, baby steps.

With the meal of greens (for wealth), peas (for luck), and cornbread (for gold) eaten, now the last thing I need to consider to get this year started is my New Year's Resolution.

This is, verbatim, what I posted to Facebook this morning:

One major resolution for the New Year that breaks out into lots of little micro-resolutions. And that is to be kinder... to myself. Don't worry, though. The more I'm squared away, the kinder I can be to you, too. Not you, specifically - the editorial you.

And what I  mean by that is this. I need to cut myself  a damn break when I screw up, which I am apt to do.

I read, earlier this year (then re-read the other day) a book by Jen Sincero called "You are a Badass".  In it, she recommends that you go easy on yourself when it comes to self-talk:

"Replace I'm a monster with I'm just a little bunny, working through my issues."

Highly Recommend.

So, I'm taking it to heart.  At 4AM, fresh out of a post-vomming shower, I was giving myself a lecture about getting my shit together, not overeating, getting healthy, and so on and so on.

But what good does that do?  I already felt like hot hammered garbage.  I was exhausted, clearly out of balance.  Why not just remind myself that I'm a little bunny working through my issues and try to get a little rest?

So, that's the plan.  Kindness and self-care.  This is the year.  I swear.  I really mean it. 

Happy New Year!

* I decided to review my blog to see what I had chosen as my resolutions in years past.  Turns out I used the same title "You say you want a resolution?" not once, but twice before.  In 2014 an 2015.  Classic Allison.