Thoughts from a Stormy Saturday

1. I appreciate my mother's advice this morning that I should be writing, because it's something I'm good at. I reminded her I've been writing this blog for 8 years. So, there's that.

2. I'm not out marching today. I should probably feel bad about it, but instead I'm focusing on breathing through whichever nostril is more open at that moment.

3. I also need to conserve energy for entertaining some friends who will be in town later. You know what's a fun activity for when you can't breathe and don't want to protest? Honky Tonkin'!

4. When you can't afford a day at the spa, a meditation excercise pretending you're at the spa is not even a substitute.

5. Having imaginary arguments in your head is a good sign you need better hobbies.

6. If you are between therapy appointments, try crying in your car, or the shower.  Or quietly at your desk. But don't keep it all in for the next session. That hour needs to be used wisely.

7.  There are probably women on this planet who can pull off the whole Lula Roe legging/tunic look, but I look like a Mime College reject. That said, I always appreciate that people think that I have the ability to pull it off. So don't stop inviting me to your pop-up sales.

8.  While it's preferable to think that the rest of the world is a complete, screwed-up mess, at some point, you have to admit, the problem might be... you.



Well, there's a whole lot of wisdom right there. And I'm going to share the one about therapy with Bestest Friend, who is a licensed therapist and who will probably have it printed on a very large poster. Oh, yes, and your mom is absolutely right.