Ready Normal People?

It's the weekend, and I couldn't be more ready.  Ok, to be fair, I started my weekend early.

I took the day off to do my annual doctor appointments - nothing new, to be honest.  Once again, my blood pressure was fine at my Primary Care office, then through the roof at the Lady Parts office an hour later.

No idea why.  But whatever, I'll keep an eye on it.

After the two appointments, I priced a faux forsythia wreath at Big Lots.

Then met Matt for lunch near his office.  Then, I did a hardcore, crazed shopping at the Aldi.  I love Aldi.

And then, finally, I took the dog to Washpaw.   It's a DIY Dog Wash place, and Piper needed a good scrubdown.  The bathwater was gray from her dirt. They finished her off with a nail trim and ear cleaning - that place is the bomb.

I washed all our bedding, made a big salad for dinner and now, I blog.

I'm going to be honest with you, peeps, my mojo is sagging.  I mean, so much of me sags these days, why not mojo?  I am not feeling especially creative.  Or inspired.  I mentioned to one of my doctors offhandedly that the current political climate was making me feel sick.  I think she thinks I was kidding.  I wasn't.

I keep thinking, you know, I'm reasonably funny - maybe I need to channel it somehow.  Clearly, not in the blog, because... well, fuuuuuuuck... everything I write is so labored these days.

Everything in my life feels so labored.

Well, I'm going to keep on trying, because I feel like it's in there - I'm just going to need a lantern and a pickaxe to find it.

It's fine. It's fine.  Fine, fine, fine.

It's not fine.  But you know what?   Hope springs eternal.  Like a forsythia wreath.

It will be fine.