Hair Today...

I decided to spend some serious money on my hair recently.

I went to a stylist who has been certified to work on curly hair.

That sounds like a pile of horseshit, I'm willing to agree.  But any of my curly compatriots will tell you a bad curly cut takes some time to overcome.

The big thing with curly hair is how you wash it, or rather, how you don't wash it.  Apparently, typical shampoos with sulfates strips all the moisture out of your hair.  So there's this "No Poo" movement where you "Co-Wash" your hair with a conditioning cleanser.  And then you put more conditioner on your hair and then you squeeze your hair dry with a cotton t-shirt. 

Because I'm so low maintenance, this is kind of a lot of work, and I'm not exactly nailing it, yet.

Also, these new products are hellaciously expensive and I'm used to buying cheap, sulfatey hair goo.

Anyway.  When I arrived at the salon, I had to fill out this questionnaire about my hair needs, concerns, whatever.

And in some blank I indicated that I am interested in embracing my natural curl and that I love my natural color. 

I honestly do.  Yes, I'm getting gray, but if you look at the people in my family, it's not exactly a bad look.  We have some good hair up in our family.

I'm actually going somewhere with this.

A lot of things in my life are kind of unsettled at the moment.  I'm getting a new (unknown) boss.  The political landscape is in upheaval.  My headache situation is new and scary.  I'm staring down the barrel of a lot of change.  But mostly, a whole lot of "wait and see".

So, it's time to embrace the gray.

In every sense.