Cool, Cool...

It's Monday night.  We had a long weekend, thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I needed the extra day for recovery, as it turned out.  I have a hellacious cold that was just about to go away, and then...BOOM!  I got on an airplane and I spent the weekend attempting to breathe out of my mouth without choking.  My nostrils were firmly glued shut.  I did, that said, learn to love Afrin.  I don't care if it rots my brain clear out, but the ability to breathe is worth it.

I don't have any more travel on the books - my first trip of the year is fast becoming my only trip of the year.  So far.

So, you know - I'm going to spend the time getting healthy, getting organized.  Getting HYDRATED.  Maybe head down to Atlanta for a Mom Visit.

And petting my puppy.

You know, all the important stuff.