To Whom it May Concern,

Fine, I get it.  This year is starting out to be one great big Nope Popsicle. 

I get that my body is trying to tell me something with these killer random headaches.

I get that the doctor isn't going to be happy about whatever that something is.

I get that my writing submissions aren't what some websites are looking for.

I get that my personality isn't for everyone.

I get that my house is a mess.

I get that I could fix my messy house easily.

I get that you found my name on a list of sales leads, but I don't have the authority to help you.

I get that you think I don't deserve the same cute clothes as people half my size.

I get that change is constant.

I get that even though change is constant, I don't have to like it.

I get that I'll never get an explanation as to why you've made the decisions you made.

I get that I need to let that shit go.

I get that you don't care about offering me decent customer service.

I get that you want to make me look bad to feel better about yourself.

I get that maybe I'm not as funny I think I am.

I get that maybe you're uncomfortable with my humor and that I am as funny as I think I am.

I get that we don't see eye to eye politically.

I get that even though we see eye to eye politically, we're at different levels of activism.

I get that my hair is going to be a source of struggle for the rest of my life.

I get that I'm being selfish.

I get that I'm not selfish enough.

I get that sometimes, getting bad news is just clearing the path for good news.

I get that sometimes, bad news is just exactly the shit sandwich it appears to be.

I get that just because you are served a shit sandwich doesn't mean you have to clean your plate.

I get that no matter what kind of money I make, I could always find a way to spend more.

I get that some days, every song on Pandora exists to irritate me.

I get that some days, every song on Pandora serves to act as my personal soundtrack.

I get that some day, I will look back on this post and laugh.

I get that today isn't that day.