A Love Letter to my Doodlebug

My Dearest Piper Rinne,

Another fine year, yes?  Lots of good food, toys, and treats.  Too much boarding, but you should be on the "outside" for awhile.  Though you don't seem to mind it too much. Apparently you and some of your pals took advantage of a poorly secured gate and went for a swim.  Although, we'll never know what you did to get banned from Group Play, it's fine.  You can have solo play and extra walks.  Whatever, we're not going to board you so much this year.

We'll stay on top of fleas this summer, make sure your outside run has plenty of cedar chips and cold water.  More toys, to be sure!  Plenty of baths, maybe some trips - but work with us, Long Dog - we can't take you places if you act the fool.

I promise to you that this year, I want to get healthier so I can play harder with you for longer!

You help make us a good family, beasto - we're going to do what we can to give you a long, happy, healthy life.  But not if you escape.  You pull a Houdini, that's on you.  I mean, I get it -  nobody likes fences.  But we're protecting the world from you, and you from the world.  Dig me?  Of course you do!

Keep chasing your tail, tennis balls and squirrels.

Love you so very much!

Your Momma,